Friday, January 2, 2009

where is the camera cord?

I know you would like to see some pictures rather than listen to my mindless drivelling.

We had Christmas. Nut I didn't take pictures of that.

We had Molly's baptism. I took a couple of pictures of her and William, since she asked him to baptize her. And a picture of her and Adrian since he confirmed her.

Then we had our big party later that night to celebrate Molly's birthday and New Years Eve.

I forgot to take pictures of that, but I do have an easy recipe to share.

Today I took Lucy and Rachel and some of there friends to the mall in the large city. 2 hour drive.

one way

And then we picked up some smaller friends and we are having a rip roaring girly sleepover.

I just took pictures of the girls eating. of the girls dipping food into the chocolate fountain.

of the Chinese food that Adrian cooked us.

But no cord.

I thought the cord was here, but when I tried to make everything work my children laughed at me.

How was I to know that the Nintendo DS cord doesn't work with the camera?


gretchen said...

I have some cord....I need to see the pixs

Heather said...

Fun times!!! I hope you find your cord soon...I want to see pics :)