Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vulture Shopping

I don't think that if the economy is really doing poorly that it should cause a sharp spike in the amount that I shop. Yet it has.

I don't like to shop. Yet, I have been shopping a bunch lately. And tonight I bought 15 pairs of socks at Claire's.

I have never even bought socks at Claire's. Probably because they are normally $12 for 3 pairs. I think that is highway robbery. They are just chinsy cheapo little ankle socks!

But since this whole failing economy thing has happened stores have started to go out of business.

And I am a Vulture.

I like to kick places when they are down. I seek out the dying and gut them. Well, at least I like to buy their super discounted products. I will NEVER buy something at regular price. I usually skip it even on sale. But tonight I hit it pretty darn cheap and decided my 4 girls needed a little sock love. Here are the 9 pairs that I bought for Ella and Molly.
Yes, this is another phone picture. I love it!

They had marked them down from $12 (outrageous) for a 3 pack to $6 (still would not even think twice about them at that price) But then, since Claire's is going out of business, they were 50% off of the lowest price.


I can handle that. I am pretty sure that even at $3 Claire's is still making a profit on them.


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL Totally something i would day. Hope the kids love there new socks :)

gretchen said...

Love those sales. I hit Goody's yesterday. Haven't bought myself something new to wear....in a LONG time. They had some cute stuff really cheap.

Kristi said...

Well, I went to Goody's thinking there would be some great discounts and all I really saw was 30%. They are going to have to do better than that to turn my head. I actually got better deals at JC Penney and I don't think they are even going out of business!

I'm with you Cynthia, I would have bought them for $3. It takes a price like that for me to feel like I'm getting a deal, though. Unless it's shoes... in that case, pretty much anything goes.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I would like this positive spin on the economy if I wasn't one of those people who doesn't have an extra $3 for SOCKS!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a bargain! I am so happy for you.