Friday, January 23, 2009

fearless, furry knight

I love having Bandit around.

Most of the time.

I would not have picked having a large black shedding dog in the house, but he picked us, and we are grateful to provide him with the comfortable home he deserves. He does have some faults, just like the rest of us.

He really likes to protect us from the evils that lurk outside at night. During the day he lays still on his bed or at Adrian's feet. But once we go to bed he is on the prowl. Watch dog extraordinaire. Our fearless knight in black furry armor. Problem is, we have not yet put a laundry room on. In the laundry room we plan on installing a doggy door so he can be in charge of his midnight prowls. So for now he goes into Lucy's room and wakes her when he want s out. And she is so nice she gets up and lets him out. She understands the importance of barking at nothing at 3 am.

Last night was a little different. Last night our hero found real dragons to wrangle with. He was able to slay the first dragon before we even got home from Nashville. He left it on the driveway.

Frightening, isn't it? He was carrying it around this morning making sure that I saw it. Good job Bandit. Save us from the dangerous opossum!

But the night got much worse after discovering the opossum. Sometime in the middle of the night Adrian and I were woken up.

By an odor.

Yeah, it has to be a pretty bad smell to wake you up. All night I kept waking up to this terrible smell.

At some point last night Bandit was saving us from a SKUNK.

And then came in to take a nap in my bedroom.

Thank you very much, Bandit.....

Want to see a picture of where Bandit is spending today. And maybe tonight, and possible tomorrow?

Good thing it is warm out or our fearless knight would be a freezing knight!

Oh, and guess how many Partylite candles I have burning today?

As many as I could find in the house!!!


Gladys said...

Tomato Juice really does work. Oh and to get the smell out of your house do not use flowery smelly stuff it just makes it worse. Get some Orange Oil spray and spray it all over. Yeah it's really great when it's in your car.

Kama said...

How close do you live to Nashville? Do you remember my little cousin Katy? She is all grown up and lives in Joelton (or something like that) she is married and has a very cute 4 year old daughter. Maybe if I ever get down there to see her I can come see you too!

Kate said...

He is so cute!!! He is just trying to help. I bet you have all kinds of candles burning. Good luck.

wilkinson family said...

i think mythbusters found that vodka worked best for getting the smell out, but you can always double check their site.