Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Sears Cafeteria

Once upon a time I was a kid. And when I was a kid we did all of our shopping at Sears. Sears was a magical place. It had EVERYTHING you could ever want. We had something special to use at Sears. An employee discount card. It was actually the store credit card, but it was blue. I have no idea what color the regular ones were. My mom used to just flash that card and get her, hmm, 20% off I think it was.

My dad worked for Sears. First in California. Then they sent him to NYC and then to Chicago. 25 years or so he worked for them. Those last few years in the mighty Sears Tower.

Sears used to be a bigwig. Remember? This may be my goodbye post to Sears. I think you may have seen your last Christmas shopping season.

So Sad!

But back to my Sears memories. When you went to Sears they used to have a candy counter. With these giant malted milk balls. The best malted milk balls in the whole world. Nothing like those crappy Whoppers my husband likes. These ones tasted like... well... they tasted like really great malted milk balls. And Fruit Sripe Gum. It had a Zebra on the package. They also had some chocolate flavoured gum. Crazy!

and then there was the Sears cafeteria. Right. in. the. store.

Wal-mart thinks it has some great idea sticking McDonald's in their stores. And a bank and a haircut place. LOSER! Sears had all that and MORE. You could order your whole stinking house from the Sears catalog!

But I digress.
The cafeteria had the most amazing, mouthwatering food. Better than any 5 star restaurant. Just ask my mom, I'm sure her memories are the same as mine! There was one thing that I always wanted to order. It was there behind that glass calling my name:

Chocolate Pudding Parfaits. Oh Heaven in a fancy glass. With a cherry on top. Neither of these pictures is exactly right, but you get the idea.

This trip down memory lane brings me to this point:

I need to NOT buy these. Really. One is a serving. Just one... I have Never been good at math!


kelly bee said...

What a great post!

Anonymous said...

bye bye sears:(