Friday, January 16, 2009

it scarred me

I was scarred by an occurrence several years ago.

On election day. A cold and rainy November day.

I was sitting at the computer that used to be on the desk in our bedroom. That desk and a new computer are now in the living room we built a wall through so that my husband could have an office.

NOT in our bedroom.

But back to me. I was sitting there on the computer. This was before blogs. I know, hard to think what I did on the computer before blogs, but I was playing solitaire or reading the news or something.


When I had that faint glimmer of a tickle on my leg. The kind that makes you scratch really fast and wonder what made that funny feeling. But I didn't scratch. The feeling moved.





Oh my stinking heck, what is climbing up my leg???!!!!????!!!!

I jumped up and gave a kick that rivalled a Michael Jackson move. And out of my wide legged pants an object flew.

an object?


A mouse in my pants!!!


It was horrible. It flew out, slammed into the wall and went running willy nilly to behind the desk.

And disappeared. Of course.

So I did what any reasonable person would would do. I jumped up and down screaming for a few minutes. And then I went and got all of the mouse poison that we had and opened EVERY packet and dumped it behind the desk.

And screamed some more and then and went and picked Molly up from preschool and went and voted.

Did I mention I had a migraine also? Well I did.

That night I told my story to my husband. He was very sympathetic. Really, it was so horrifying and he was great, no jokes were made at all.

But it caused me some issues later that night. I had nightmares. every time Adrian's foot would touch me I would start screaming and flailing and jumping out of the bed. He would have to grab me and convince me that there was NO mouse in the bed.

I was a basket case.

Back then my highboy dresser was right next to my side of the bed. When we got up the next morning I opened the top drawer to get out some, erm, undergarments and all over everything in that drawer there was MOUSE POOP!!!

The rotten mouse had climbed up the back of the dresser. Right next to my head.

Repeat the screaming freak out of the day before. Add a trip to the store for more poison that I then dumped all behind the dresser and bed.

I poisoned the snot out of that little booger! And never saw him again.

But it took awhile for the midnight panic attacks to subside. And then this Christmas when we were at the cabins all of the sudden a mouse came running around from in the fire place. I was up standing on the couch faster than anyone has ever seen me move.

Kids made fun of me but my gallant husband defended me. He said no one could judge since they had never had a mouse run up their leg.



gretchen said...

I would've screamed too for a very long time!!!!! If a spider gets on me I freak-I couldn't imagine a mouse.

Gladys said...

I have SOOOO been there. Yeup they were the size of horses I tell you. With big fangs! I think I soiled myself. ;)(said in my best Monty Python and the Holy Grail voice)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this mouse tale (hee hee hee) very well. We had a mouse that woke me in the middle of the night while he was devouring the leg on my bedside table. I layed there and sweated and cried. I couldn't wake Hub up. He's a very heavy sleeper. I still sometimes hear that scritching sound in my dreams...ugh! I still have the same bedside table, with mouse teeth marks in it.

Mother Goose said...

i would have freaked out! I am sure we would have reacted the same and never would I be able to forget that feeling of little claws climbing up my leg!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Cynthia,

You've gotta ward a mouse-phobic girl like me before telling a story like that.

You know your screaming and jumping routine...I am doing it now as I can barely type the words.

AHHHHHHH.....I hate mice!!!

And the thought of feeling a mouse when it was just my husband's foot is even worse than thinking about that time i stepped on a mouse and 3 of its 6 trialing baby mice barefoot that one time.

And mouse poop on my underwear! yuck yuck yuck.