Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock must have lived at our house once upon a time

Actually, I am 100% sure that he never lived here, but he dreamed of my house.

Because of the BIRDS.

Big ones, small ones, pretty ones, creepy ones. They are every where. Sometimes they move through in a sun darkening mass.

They blot out the sun. And the noise is deafening.

oh, and the mess. yuck

When they are just being sort of normal they hang out in the trees. I can handle that. But this time of year is the worst.

Because they are twitterpated. Yes, twitterpated. Have you seen Bambi?? Of course you have, it came out in the 40's. Everyone has seen Bambi! And right now the birds are twitterpated and trying to build nests. Their favorite places?

Funny you should ask, because I have the answer.

My gutters and my chimney.

We have 6 inch gutters and they seem to think if they just slink down in them a bit it will be a dandy home.


They end up getting caught and sliding down and then we hear birds fighting for their lives in the gutter.

And sometimes we don't hear them and they lose the fight. Case in point: Last spring I heard a bird in the gutter. I got William to help me take off the bottom curvy piece so said bird could get out.

5 birds came out. 3 deader than a doornail. 1 with a broken neck. (died a few hours later) 1 flew away.

This happens all the time.

Now to the chimney. Of course the only way out of the chimney is to open the flue and somehow get the bird out of Adrian's office. Here is how it went on Saturday:

see him on the picture frame on the wall?

Yes, you are very handsome, but you belong outside. Now, you are not going to like the big red net right now, but you will thank us later.

hey, come down


yes, you look unhappy, but in a second you will be free

send us a postcard....


the Head Chicken Herder said...

We've had that, the bird in the chimney that had to be let out through the house.

Not my favorite thing in the world, but atleast it wasn't a snake under my bed or something nightmare causing like that.

SherryB said...

LOL.. you crack me up Cynthia... I love your blog!!!

lisapenn said...

Funny we JUST watched Bambi today. I can see all the twitterpattin' going on right now! We have also had an occasional bird in the house because I LOVE to have all the doors and windows open. I think you handled it better than me though. I don't know what it is about a bird in the house that freaks me out so much!