Friday, April 24, 2009

I thought that I would go to the quilt shop

But it only took about 30 minutes for Adrian to have Lasik surgery today. We had to drive an hour to Cookeville (the closest city with a doctor that performs Lasik.) I dropped him off and went in to ask what the minimum amount of time he would be in the office.

One hour she replied.

The paperwork said to plan on being there two hours, but one was okay. I could go to Salvation Army and the quilt store.

Totally stoked!!

30 minutes later I have perused Salvation Army (all junk except a pair of tags on sandals for Adrian since he broke his a few weeks ago) and was pulling in at the quilt shop when my phone rings.

With Adrian's ring tone. {{SIGH}}

He's done.

At least tomorrow he has to go back for a post up check up.

Quilt Shop?
Cheddar's ?
Old Navy?
Hobby Lobby?

Probably not all of them, but I really am hoping they have some of the unicorn print that Heather Ross (I think) has out now.

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Gladys said...

Don't you hate it when you are ready to find something and your phone rings pulling you away from the task at hand?