Thursday, April 9, 2009

A is For Apron

A while back I was perusing Lisagh's blog when she made the amazing announcement that she was giving away a copy of A is For Apron.


I SO SO SO want to win, I thought to myself.

And then, I did. Yep, it was very cool.

when the package from Canada arrived I was giddy with excitement.

Oh, man! It is awesome. Look at what was in it!!!

Wrapped in very cute paper:I open it to discover not only A is For Apron, but fabric goodies!! Look how cute. A plaid that reminds me of the fabric that I made Lucy and Rachel's baby bedding out of and some FUN 50's prints. This is totally me. Really. Look how busy I am in that kitchen. Making yummy things for my family.

And look at my hot legs in those heels. It is hard to tell but they are purple.
Dinner looks good. Boy, that would be hard with just one oven. I am soo glad in my real kitchen I have two.
Oh yeah, here is my husband. He works from home, you know. I just finished cooking his lunch and bringing it to him: Later he will have some refreshments outside:

Is that too cute or what? I am so stumped as to what to make from them. But, I have already made an apron from A is For Apron:

This is for the High School band fundraiser. Lucy's class is supposed to bring something related to gardening to be put in a gift basket that they will auction off. It turned out so cute and that is Rachel modeling for me. (in her pajamas)
Thanks, Lisagh!!

Oh, and the pillows that you have been making are killing me. I want one sooo bad. Do you think my husband would notice if I added shams to our bed that had our names on them?
Okay, that would be so funny. Some flowers around his name in a pretty twirly font. LOL

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lisagh said...

I'm so happy you like everything! Those fabrics are some of my favorites too. I've been holding on to them forever and can't decide what to make with them either. Oh! and the apron you made is perfect. Enjoy!