Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Very Good Friday!! Click HERE for the recipe for this very yummy homemade syrup with which to slather your waffles. or French Toast. Or pancakes. So tasty.


Last night we had an egg hunt.

In the dark.

Fun with flashlights.

While Adrian and I were outside hiding eggs the kids remembered some glow sticks they had. They festooned themselves in Neon.

Please don't tell me that glow sticks are bad for the environment.

Or about plastic eggs.

I use the same eggs year after year. Last year we must have lost some because we had WAY less in the box this year. So I bought another pack of 48, but it was still less than previous years.

Getting ready to go out. Notice the lack of Easter junk (i.e., no baskets...)

I told them to do a Brady bunch pose. Like when the Brady kids were at the mall riding down the escalator.
Singing Sunshine Day.
I could totally see it. But they couldn't. This is what I got:

And they wouldn't sing...

remember they are wearing glow sticks, so I figured a few pics without flash would look good.
But they totally stink, like most of my pictures. {*SIGH*}

Alright, now we are back inside after some egg finding. On to the prize table.
What? you put stuff IN your eggs? Oh no, that is way too hard. I just set stuff out on the prize table and they get to buy prizes with their eggs.
Think Chuckie Cheese.
Without the animotronic band playing pizza covers of 80's songs.
Not that that wouldn't totally rock. Cause I love Bon Jovi Chuckie style.

This stuff wouldn't fit into eggs anyway and is much better than candy.

Yes, that was candy you saw on the table, but not all candy. Harrison wanted socks to be on the prize table. Who can deny a 13 year old socks if he wants them? He also got this groovy basketball hoop that he quickly duct taped to his door. Do you like the little backboard he made? My personal favorite item that was on the prize table. Especially for bacon lovers:

Bacon Flavored Dental Floss. I know, disgusting. William LOVES bacon!!!


the Head Chicken Herder said...

k, so you are soooo much better about easter than i am. I get caught up in my hatred of the commercialization of the religious holidays and kinda go anti until the last minute when i realize i will be the worst mother ever unless i do something.

and then i still can't bring myself to load my kids up on over-priced sugar and end up getting things like string cheese to put in their basket but never actually put it in because i'd have to get up early and get it out of the fridge before the kids get up and it's just not worth it.

i put nutrigrain bars in the baskets this year. and colored pencils to mark their scriptures with.

they're totally gonna need therapy, aren't they?

Katie said...

I LOVE your idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for next year!

Mother Goose said...

love it! when everyone gets older, like next year. LOL, i wanna do an easter egg hunt in the dark too. great idea! If I steal it and forget where I got the idea from be sure to remind me!