Monday, June 16, 2008

Freud, I need a diagnosis please

Am I the only person that doesn't really enjoy looking at photographs? And of course the ones that I might be in are totally off limits. But I really have this bizarre aversion to looking at photos. Honestly, I like my kids a lot but I see them everyday. I don't need to sit next to them looking at pictures of them. Even baby pictures. I was there.

And then there are home movies. I am like the scrooge of home movies. The kids beg and plead. Mom, Puleeeeze come and see how funny it is when we are throwing the ball, playing in the sand, picking our noses, well, you get the idea. They love it. They could sit and watch themselves for hours. And they do. I actually get uncomfortable when they are watching home movies. I have to move to another room.

So all of my 3 readers, what psychological problem do I have? Is it a phobia? Please, give it a name. I like to take pictures sometimes. And then post them here. I even enjoy doing the posts. But once I am done, I am done. I don't go back and look at old posts. I like looking at everyone Else's pictures and seeing what you are up to.

I am a strange person, I know.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg. I will probably not share the really bizarre stuff. My husband should have a blog and he could just tell my craziness. He could call it, "My psycho non pioneer wife."

Kinda catchy. Okay, not really at all. I am kind of a little giddy tonight. I spent way too much time outside tonight watching the kids kayak.

I will post pics soon.

Because I took lots of pictures. Why did I take lots of pictures? I have no idea, I will post 3 or 4 of them and delete the rest.


Mother Goose said...

I want to know some of your quirkiness. I am that way to an extent. You are a bit more extreme than I. I love to look at the pictures I have taken, but pictures others have taken of me or my children, not so much. I can look back on photos but I don't care for them either. My eldest is 17yrs old. We have been in our home 10yrs. For the past 4 years I just put pictures of my family and children on the wall. CUH RAZY, huh? I put them up because they were taken with my camera, by my hand, and to print them was CHEAP! I have 4 pics in my home taken by our sil, who is a beautiful photographer. I think for me, it has to be taken by my hand in order for me to truly love the pic. Try blowing some of the pictures that you have taken to an 8x10 or 11x14 size and frame it. One in particular that I would love to see on your wall, is the one you took of your daughter, crud, name escapes me, Not ella, but the one just younger than her. She was wearing a black turtleneck and the sun was catching her hair perfectly. PRINT THAT!!! BIG!!! and be proud that you took that!

ChrisB said...

Now I must also be weird because I'm the complete opposite to you. I love photos and like to be surrounded by pictures of the family and I enjoy seeing other people's photos. It wouldn't do if we were all the same~ so maybe we're not weird after all!

Tenara King said...

Wow, someone like me! :) I do not like looking at old pictures as well. Matter of fact we have like no pictures of Jax until he was like 2 1/2. My mom and other family members kept saying "you need to take pictures of your child" "you won't have anything to look back on" So, I bought a camera and been taking pictures. However, those pictures are just wasting space on my computer! I have slowed down on taking them since I don't do anything with them (print off). I rather live in the moment and make sharing memories with my child than hide behind a camera!!!!! So, you are not weird!

Mother Goose said...

I have to comment again. It wasn't until I got really really ill. (Like order the tombstone ill) Did I even care about capturing memories or insisting that I be in pictures. I know my children will know I loved them. But, pictures capture a moment and freeze a memory. I have forgotten many things and events but looking at one photograph instantly brings back memories and feelings of that very day. If I do leave this world earlier. I want my mark known and those memories to flood back to them too. It is the whole purpose of my blog. Maybe, I am too morbid.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

LOL I'm not sure what your actual diagnosis would be. I'm quite the opposite- Snap Happy.

Check out this quiz:

Alice Wills Gold said...

Weird. That's all I've got to say, but you could be so much more weird so be grateful I guess.