Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Monday we went kayaking

Okay, I use the term we very loosely. The kids went kayaking and I watched. It was really a chance for Ella and Molly to get some experience. The older kids have been kayaking but the little girls haven't had a chance, yet. They just paddled around at River Front Park. They had LOTS of fun. We even brought Bandit. He must not have much Retriever in him, even though it looks like he does cause he just will not get out in the water. But he laid in it on the edge of the river and drank about 10 gallons worth!

After the kayaking we had a picnic. Leftover tacos. It was a really good picnic food cause it was all in little containers in the fridge already from Friday night when we first had it. I just warmed the meat, beans and rice up.

And then a big banana pudding for dessert or leftover chocolate cake for the kids that don't like pudding. Even though I do NOT understand how anyone could not LOVE pudding!

and then some ducks showed up.
and then Molly got too cool for kayaking and put her feet up. How many of us can fit into a kayak with our feet up? Oh, Molly was so funny, she was soooo excited to kayak until she went to get into the kayak. She saw dirt and spiderwebs in them. She said she would not get in until Adrian cleaned out the kayak. Little Cynthia! Lucy did some paddle posing.

And the evening ended with Harrison accidentally flipping over. What a shocking accident it was, too!


Kim said..., no thank you.
chocolate cake...yum funny(spiders...yuck)

what a fun family outing!

Mother Goose said...

This looks like so much fun. Do you own all those kayaks or did you rent them?

Mother Goose said...

This is so fun! I am going to have to ask around if we can borrow 3 or 4.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

I think next time you should go too! We've ventured into canoeing, but not kayaking. I don't trust the youngest just yet. lol