Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've been meaning to tell you this thing that happened a few years ago.

Do you want to hear it?

So, my father in law had a flat tire a few years back. He was driving up the mountain to Spencer at the time. He got out to change it and decided that it would be wise to put a rock behind the back tire since he was on a pretty steep spot. It was dark, but the moon was out so he looked around and spotted a good size rock. It was kind of glowing white from the moon. You can probably picture how a whitish rock would look out under a big moon.

So he picked it up.

Here is when he discovered he had a small problem. See the rock turned out to not be a rock.

His fingers went right through it.

It was a dead and decaying opossum.

Yeah, there is my gross story for your Saturday night. Or Sunday morning to my friends on the other side of the Atlantic. Aren't you glad that you read this one through to the end?

Now go and do your thing. I will be back later.


Ben said...

I got your tag and am fixing to do it dude.

Michelle said...

That is just gross Cynthia!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah that was perfectly TN gross.