Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun Monday

Molly is hosting Fun Monday this week. I decided I had to play since I have a sweet Molly at my house and wanted to play with a grown up Molly for a change. The assignment this week is to tell a happy childhood memory.
HMMMM.... Why is it when someone asks you a specific question, your mind goes blank? I am sure that I sit and daydream about this kind of thing all the time and now that I am trying to think of something to write about it is like I slept through my childhood.
I can think of some goofy times and some boring things. I guess one interesting thing is when my dad would go to China. My dad used to go on buying trips twice a year. He would be there for 3 or 4 weeks.( I think. Sometimes childhood memories are a little hazy) He would always bring home the greatest stuff. Big silk kites shaped like dragons and butterflies, cloissenie jewelry and jewelry boxes. It all seemed so exciting and exotic when I was 5 years old. Little did I realize that when I was 15 I would actually be living in Hong Kong and the exotic would turn into the annoying!
I remember one time when I went to Boise and visited my grandparents. They had decided to buy a small ranch after they retired. I would pick raspberries and ride motorcycles. I also went several times and visited my ohter grandparents in California. When I was little they lived near Palm Springs and then later they moved down to Seal Beach. I remember that they had a waffle maker and we would make waffles for dinner. That was the bomb as far as I was concerned cause we didn't have a waffle maker at home. Yummy! I also always loved travelling alone. I like to just sit and chill and flying from Illinois to California was a nice time to do that.
From the time I was 7 until I was 14 I lived in a small town named Naperville. Now, probably some of you have heard of Naperville and would argue with my description of a small town. But trust me. in 1979, when we moved there, it was a small town. I used to ride my bike EVERYWHERE. My friends and I just did whatever, ride to the pool, go shopping downtown, the library, the river. It was great fun. Once we got a little older we would ride the train downtown to Chicago and treat Chicago the way we treated Naperville. Hanging out in record stores (remember records? Our favorite was Waxx Traxx. Maybe it just had one x, that looks a little weird) and goofing off in general. Yeah, I had goofing off down to a science.
Well anyway, go and visit the grown up Molly's site and see what all the other kids are doing!


karisma said...

Wow it must have been exciting waiting for your dad to come home with all those bright an colourful gifts, but you must have missed having him around as well.

Hootin' Anni said...

This was terrific. I love the 'goofing off to a science'...sounds like me. LOL

Having imported silks coming home in your father's arms would be a fabulous thing for me! Wow.

And the waffle maker?---------got syrup?

My Fun Monday is shared too, I hope you can stop by and read it, if you haven't already --since I'm just now going through the Mr. Linky's at Mollys before I get to my own comments to read who has visited!! Take care, have a great day. [PS --you have to scroll below my 'walk in the park' photos to reach my F M entry!!]

Danetta said...

I received my apron and I love it.

I look forward to coming back here and seeing the one your daughter makes from the fabric.

I saw this fabric when I was looking for some to make my daughter one and loved it!

You do beautiful work and I am glad I am the recipient.

Sandy said...

I, too, remember bicycling everywhere! and we didn't even have bike lanes to protect

ellen b said...

What fun memories you have. We could have crossed paths sometime. I am familiar with Naperville because my daughter attended Wheaton college for a few semesters and we stayed in Naperville when we visited. Seal Beach is right next door to Huntington beach where we lived and had our first two children. Have a great week and make waffles this Saturday!!

Molly said...

Thank you for playing this week's Fun Monday. With living in Hong Kong, gifts from China, visiting California your life sounds grand.

I know Naperville as we are a stone's throw away in Northwest Indiana,

ChrisB said...

That sounds like a really cool childhood, especially having presents from China~ even if the novelty wore off when you lived in Hong Kong!
China has always fascinated and I may get the chance to go there on holiday next year.

Grand Life said...

Great memories. I'll get no one else you knew had a Dad that went to China on a regular basis. Were you a semi-celebrity. I enjoyed your post. Have a great week.

daddy d said...

World travel when added to bicycles and grandparents equal good time memories. Joy to the past.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sounds like your dad brought you some really cool things, and like you had a lot of freedom. Great memories.

the planet of janet said...

awesome story. (i have a certain fondness for waffles, myself!)

Alison said...

great memories Cynthia..remember when life was simpler and safer!!!

IamwhoIam said...

Some times it is the little thing that end up being the things we remember and miss the most.

Pamela said...

I'm still working on that goofing off degree. (almost there)

The world is a lot smaller now, isn't it?