Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apron yumminess

Apron yumminess indeed!
If you hurry and sign up by midnight tonight you will be entered into a drawing for some adorable gift tags.
Hurry. or as we would say in Hong Kong fidiaaaaaaahhhhhhh.
I have no idea how to spell that last word. Phonetically it is fie-dee but in Cantonese they often add aaahhhh to the end of words.
So there is your added Chinese bonus. I bet you didn't even stop by for that. Next time I will have to teach you your address and then you will be able to tell the taxi drive to where to get you and to do it FAST.
Happy New Years!!
Oh, and yesterday was Molly's Birthday and tonight she is getting baptised. Yes, my baby is 8! We are having a rip roaring party after her baptism, so hopefully I will remember to take pictures and share them with you tomorrow.


Kim said...

hey--thanks for the shout to Joshua! wasn't i thoughtful to give you such a nice gift? happy birthday!

juniorpink said...

Hi! I have been trying to somehow get in touch with you. I am your apron friend from the SSEN. Is there a way to send you and PM?

Cynthia said...

juniorpink, The message you left is a no reply address. Send me your email . Mine is cnhale at gmail dot com