Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures of other peoples decorations

As you all start posting pictures of your Christmas trees and decorations I have decided to live vicariously through you.

Because I am not a decorator. I would even be unable to play one on TV. I just can't seem to motivate. But I can bake. See, I do have Christmas skills, but they are consumable skills. Anyway, I am starting a new , ummm, thingy here at Dahhhling I love You.


Great idea, right? Cause I won't have pictures of my own decorations. We will have to put up a tree because my parents are coming. Sooo, I need to be sure and have that up by December 23, in the afternoon.

You will be happy to know that I purchased some new lights for the tree because we discovered at Halloween that ALL of ours were dead. If that seems like a weird thing to discover at Halloween, let me explain. I went to Trunk or Treat at Church. AND I decorated my area.

I know, good job Cynthia. I wanted to use our lights to light up the 3 carved Pumpkins that we had. I cut holes in the back and stuffed the lights in since we have a no candle rule in the church building.

Our tree lights were all dead, as I said, so I used the dangly outside lights that we haven't hung up in ten years. They worked fine.

So, without further ado here is a link to my friend Lisagh at Grograin Garage. I can give you a commentary on what you will see at Lisagh's:

Preppy pink and green stuff.
monogrammed stuff
these banana shoe things that she really likes (they go between your toes and seam to cost more that $30, so I am out)
key fobs
naughty kitties
an AWOL sock monkey

I LOVE her blog. I always have fun reading it. I think it is the blogs of people with totally different lives than the ones we live that are the funnest to read, don't you guys think so too? Is that are really ridiculous run-on?

She has a problem that worries me, too. curious kitties.

Will I have an installment of "How Esme destroyed the Christmas Tree?"

Man I hope not. Adrian has been threatening her with a trim of her whiskers whenever she is naughty. He is just trying to tease the girls and me.

I think.

Oh, here is the LINK


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL Good idea , will so not be sharing any of my pictures mind you . Cannot decorate at all myself

lisagh said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the shout out :)

And p.s. so far, so good - 2 days of the tree and no kitty mischief! (keep your fingers crossed for me)