Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adrian's Explanations and the REAL explanation

My husband had two ideas of what happened to cause the wild rumpus. (name the book!) He told us these the next day because he promptly went back to bed once he saw that no children were injured.

Explanation 1:

When he first heard Molly start talking about blood (everywhere, as she put it) and Ella had gone into the bathroom he thought Ella was bleeding. He decided that the cat must have decided to play with Ella's hair while she was asleep and shredded her face.

Umm, what is she Cujo kitty? I can hardly picture her shredding Ella face. And even if she did, why was she running and spitting and hissing and the dog chasing her if she was simply playing with Ella's hair? Nope, interesting theory, but untrue. No children were harmed. At least not that night....

Explanation 2:

When he found out that Ella was okay and that Esme was just actually leaving bloody footprints he decided that Esme had cut her foot.

On some broken glass.

In her litter box.

While she was doing her business.

So she started growling and hissing and jumping around while still in the middle of going. So that explains the poop and pee on the floor and the blood. And then the dog just got excited because Esme was freaking out.

Sorry, but how did the broken glass get in the litter box???

Nice try Adrian but wrong again.

So he did not know what had happened. And none of you have figured out yet, either. Kittens are a good guess, but Esme is only about3-4 months old herself, so we still have a little time before she can have kittens.

I told Adrian that I was going to tell you all his theories and then tomorrow night tell you what actually happened, but he said that was mean, so I will tell you.

We have some barn cats. And we have French Doors in the basement. Every once in a while those doors blow open. And in comes a visitor. This night the door to the basement stairs was also slightly ajar, which is not so uncommon because Rachel has a bedroom down there.

Now Bandit loves little kitten Esme, but he also LOVES to chase the barn cats.

See what happened? Barn cat creeps upstairs. Bandit sees/smells/hears barn cat. chase ensues. Barn cat has crap scared out of him.


Barn cat escapes back downstairs before any of us can get ourselves out of bed to see what is up.

That is why sleepy Esme was rubbing up against Bandit instead of all puffed up and mad. She slept through the whole thing.

Do you think that cat will venture into the house again?

We really need to remind Rachel to check the deadbolt on that door before she goes to bed...
She will end up with a possum in her bed. Or a skunk. Ugh, could you imagine? I guess we are lucky it was just a cat!

AAHHH life in the country!


babbler said...

I'm glad that everything turned out OK!
From Mrs. Slug

haley said...

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! (Apparently they sneak into your basement!)