Monday, December 8, 2008

The same thing every year

Really, it is. Even though the tree has new lights this year. (Yes, we put it up tonight. All it has is lights so far. Or is that all it has are lights so far? hmm) A million things to do and so I am going to make all of you make me do the junk that needs done.

Are you ready for tomorrows list? Me either. Or is it me neither?

1. mail package that I was supposed to mail like a week ago.
2. vacuum ceiling fans
3. go to nice vets office and buy flea medicine for Esme. Those of you in northern and western climates probably think I am kidding.

I wish I was kidding. Fleas. 12 months solid.

4. decorate house and turn it into a total Christmas wonderland for my kids.
or maybe hang one wreath. We will have to see about this one.
5. iron all 743 of Adrian's shirts (it is times like these that I LOVE Netflix. Miss Marple and I will iron tomorrow.)
6. wash two complete sets of Molly's linens from her bed. Including comforters. including mattress pads. Can anyone guess the problem?
7. bake 15 different kinds of cookies.
8. choose fabric and sew my mothers Christmas present.
9. sew the special secret thing I am making for Ella and Molly. I would tell you, but they read this blog without fail, so I am not gonna ruin the surprise.
10. take pictures of and post about the apron I got from my Sassy Apron swap partner. It is blue and brown and I love it!
11. take a nap.
12. delouse chickens. oops, wait a minute, that is something that would be on Martha Stewart's to do list. NOT on mine. Mine might say, run over chickens.
13. figure out what to get my niece and two of my nephews. And then send it to them. Along with a selection of the 15 different cookies I baked earlier in the day.
14. finish remodelling the basement
15. clean and cook
16. wrap presents

well, that is just what I can think of tonight. I will add to it tomorrow.

So what are the odds I will finish it all tomorrow?

Edit~~ It is 6:55 am. I have packed lunches. Made breakfast. Fussed at William for not getting up. Been informed that I have a third set of linens to wash. And I forgot to mention the electric blanket, too. Oh, and Rachel called and said that she forgot her music book, so I will have to drop that off before school ends so William can drop her at piano.

Gladys, I have let you down by not finishing before 6:00 am, I know, but I am plugging along. I will update in a few hours.

Could someone please tell me how to do a strike through? How else will I know what I have finished on my to do list?


Gladys said...

So what are you going to do after 6 a.m.? Because I know you will have that list completed by 6 or 6:30 at the latest

lisagh said...

I don't know... 743 is a whole lot of shirts! Good luck :)

Kristi said...

I got tired of washing Katie's big fluffy comforter over and over and she loves it, so I told her when she keeps her bed dry the next night she can sleep with her comforter. I still had to wash it a few more times, but she has gone over a week now and still has her comforter! I am crossing my fingers that this whole ordeal is nearing an end. Good luck with yours. I know how it is to have to wash and wash and wash.