Saturday, December 13, 2008

3:45 AM

A few nights ago I was happily sleeping. I love to sleep. We got a new mattress this summer and it is heavenly. I could lay there all day. I f my husband was like a normal husband and left the house in the morning to catch the train to go to an office and work for some mega company, I might stay in it all day.

That would so rock.

Instead he stays home and works from the living room. By his own choice he gets up before the sun and goes and starts working. No one makes him. How self motivated is that?

I think he has a mental illness. Really. Who does that?

SO back to my happy sleeping. I was cozy, under 3 big blankets and the cutest blue sheets with brown flowers on them when there arose such a clatter that I had to spring from my bed to see what was the matter. teehee

Now, let me back this up, I never wake up. NEVER. Molly will get up at 4:00 in the morning and take a shower. the bathroom door is 3 inches form my open bedroom door. I never even know she was up until I find her asleep on the couch with wet hair at 5:50 when I get up.

But this clatter was loud enough to wake the dead. The dead and asleep in her comfy happy bed Cynthia.

It was a cat. Spitting. Meowing. Having a total, dare I say, hissy fit. This was accompanied by a dog. Barking, growling, running into furniture, walls. CHAOS.

I make it into the living room and Ella is already out there, standing next to the basement door crying. I try to figure out what is wrong. I assume that the kitten, Esme, has tormented the dog, Bandit, and he has finally decided to put her in her place. But while I was trying to comfort Ella, Esme walked sleepily out of Ella and Molly's room and rubbed up against Bandit.

Were these the animals that were tearing into each other 30 seconds earlier?

Then Molly starts freaking out. "Esme is bleeding!!!" I scoop Esme up and tell Rachel to go and get a towel. (Notice how many people have shown up by now, I told you it was loud.)

Upon further inspection, Esme is not bleeding, she has simply walked through a small pool of blood in the doorway of the girls room. Then we notice cat pee in a long line. And poop. Bits of cat poop in about a ten foot long trail.??????????????

What has happened? Molly figured it out right away.

Any guesses? I will tell the rest of the weird story tomorrow and tell you the two strange theories Adrian had.


dlyn said...

Well I am certainly hooked - what happened? :)

lisagh said...

This is intriguing! Can't wait for the next installment. Hope everyone's okay.

Joanna said...

OK I'll take a guess....the cat had kittens! She was preggers and you didn't know it??? Do tell!!

Gladys said...

Cat was in heat?

Queenie said...

It was absolutely kittens....