Saturday, December 20, 2008

Facebook Quandary

is that how you spell quandary? Anyway, I decided to type in the names of long lost friends in Facebook today. Some people I had not seen since I was 7.

30 years ago. wow

I found many of them. Or I found their brother or sister.

So I sent out some messages. And received many responses. It was neat. and overwhelming. and scary. and unsettling.

People make choices. Sometimes they are surprising. or shocking. or disappointing. or inspiring.

My friends are now Doctors. and Professors. they are grey headed. or bald. have grown beards. changed religions and ideologies.

Teenage crushes are now holding their babies in pictures.

I am not sure if sometimes memories are better than reality.

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Mother Goose said...

ha, you are funny! I liked HS but that was so yesteryear for me. I chose not to look them up. LOL