Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homecoming Queen?/I really accomplished a lot today

The list has been whittled down significantly. I completed:

1. mail package that I was supposed to mail like a week ago.

2. vacuum ceiling fans

3. go to nice vets office and buy flea medicine for Esme. Those of you in northern and western climates probably think I am kidding.I wish I was kidding.
Fleas. 12 months solid.

4. Decorate our house like a Christmas wonderland. Let me make a comment here. I totally outdid myself this year. My family room looks like a Christmas wonderland. Things are swagged and hung and setting and just so decorated. I never thought I had it in me.

5. iron all 743 of Adrian's shirts (it is times like these that I LOVE Netflix. Miss Marple and I will iron tomorrow.) I included this as complete because I ironed enough shirts that he has one to wear tomorrow. And the next day. I know 2 isn't very impressive but man it kills my neck to iron. I may do another couple before I go to bed. Maybe

6. wash two complete sets of Molly's linens from her bed. Including comforters. including mattress pads. Can anyone guess the problem? I washed about 6 loads and have one in right now. I only have one blanket left and maybe one load of clothes but they are random colors so I will have to wait until tomorrow to make full loads.

15. clean and cook. I washed and put away 3 loads of dishes today. but truth be known I did not cook anything. Adrian cooked his own lunch and we ate dinner out.

Now I just need to finish numbers 7 thru 14 tomorrow.

~~~And now for some really exciting news~~~

Rachel has been voted onto the Homecoming Court at school. She and the other freshman girl have to have matching dresses. They go pick them Monday.

Pretty cool, huh!!


gretchen said...

VERY cool. When is it?

Anonymous said...

you need to invest in some Good Nights diapers. My 8 yo & 6 yo still wear them to bed. Yeah they are "diapers" but hey, it suits me better than extra laundry...at this point I"m still doing laundry for a family of 6 since they are all still too young to do their own. I never had this issue with my oldest, he just started getting up to pee in the night like magic. How in the world do you teach a kid to wake up to pee? sheesh. I think I might be buying diapers until they are 15 at this rate....
Jen R.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Found your blog, not sure how, maybe from Swaneesinger.

To do a strike through. Go into HTML Put the "greater than" symbol (blogger won't let me put the actual symbol here) then put the word "del" and then the lesser-than symbol. Then type the words you want to strike though followed by the "greater than" symbol and then a "/" and the the word "del" and then the "lesser than" symbol. Then go back to compose and there it will be.

Your blog is fresh and cute and I love your blog title.

Amy Boyack said...

I love your blog. The day sounds really busy and you must be tired. Homecoming queen is so cool. I always wanted to be that, but never was. Congratulations to Rachel.