Thursday, December 11, 2008

My husbands contribution to Xmas blogging

Adrian is starting to blog. Kind of. He wrote this story out and sent it in an email to the kids, but I wanted to share it with everyone. He said it was okay. Feel free to laugh out loud at him!

I was listening to the radio this morning about the host's Christmas tree experience and it reminded me of a one of my stupid experiences from a few years ago.

I bought a live Christmas tree, brought it home and cut the bottom of the tree off, as you do. I drug it in across the floor to the corner where it was to stand. I did not think to cover the floor with plastic and thus had pine needles all over the carpet. For some reason, I decided to vacuum the needles up before standing the tree. With floor kind of cleaned, I began to stand the tree up when I realized that the tree was too tall. Cutting the top was not much of an option, but I could cut a bit more off the bottom, and that should work. I was not looking forward to the mess of needles again on the carpet and decided it would be less messy to cut the tree inside and just clean up the small amount of sawdust.

Here is where the stupidity starts. Most people would have used a hand saw of some sort, not me, I go out to the porch, retrieve my chainsaw, and bring it in the house. I must have flooded it when I cranked it because it started billowing blue smoke everywhere. The house is quickly filling with smoke, my eyes were burning, but at this point I am committed. It should only take a minute. I was almost finished when I realized that the chain is slinging oil and oily sawdust everywhere, ceilings, walls, carpet, everywhere. When I finished, the house was so full of smoke, we had to pack up the little kids (4 kids and the oldest was 3), open all the windows and doors and leave. 3 hours later, the smoke was gone but the smell and mess did not leave completely for days.

This is representative of most of our decorating experiences....


Michelle said...

HaHa...classic Adrian story!!

kelly bee said...

Wow. Cynthia. I didn't fully appreciate what you're dealing with until now. :)

Gladys said...

Are all men the same?

Mike, Andrea, & Abbie said...

Very Classic! I laughed for a good while. I remember being there for some stories similar to that. I miss it.