Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, get your tail in gear and do it!

Yesterday I was the picture of motivation. I would have given Snow White a run for her money in the housekeeping department even without the animals help. Because you know what?


I'm sorry to burst your bubble. They shed, and get into trash cans and lay on the back of the couch and sleep.

Like that stinkin' kitten needs a nap more than me! If she would quit spending her mornings playing "I want to eat all the bare toes that walk anywhere in this house" she wouldn't be so tired. I'm just saying....

So I need to tackle the list, but I am no good with leftovers so I decided a new list would be more motivating.

1. shower. I forgot to put that one on yesterdays list.
2. vacuum up the ten million needles on the ground. AGAIN.
3. empty dishwasher and fill it back up.
4. go to Walmart and buy Goodnights. And more Christmas lights. and TP, milk, OJ,
5. FINISH all laundry
6. buy gifts for out of town nieces/nephews
7. decide what cookies to make
8. buy fabric for Grandma's present. This should be easy. She likes taupe. and taupe. and camel. and antelope. and dark camel. and sand. Those are all colors. I very much doubt she likes those animals.
9. make appt. at orthodontist. See Rachel, I will remember to do that someday soon!

Hey, that is pretty manageable. Here is where you guys have to help me. What kind of cookies should I make? Now do not be shy, leave a comment and tell me your favorite kind!


lisapenn said...

Well Cynthia,
We are VERY creative with our Christmas cookie making. Chocolate chip. Yup that is it. Got a killer recipe if you want it : )
Lisa Pennington

Anonymous said...

hey, I didn't see "make jennifer a cute little apron (because she doesn't sew) as a thank you gift for her wonderful suggestion about the goodnights" on your to to do list....

hehehe Just you don't have enough to do already! :o) love ya!
Jen R.

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