Monday, December 29, 2008


You really need to hear what happened yesterday. But first a will have to give you a little history of what we have been up to.

On the 26th we loaded up to go to Fall Creek Falls and stay in cabins with my in-laws and celebrate Christmas. It is only about 30 miles to Fall Creek Falls, but takes about an hour to get there because we have to climb a mountain and then spend time driving through the park.

We arrived and had a great time. Between Adrian and his sister Gretchen we have 10 kids ages 7 to 16. They had a blast.

Molly received a very special present from her cousins. A male Beta Fish.

Molly loves him and named him Lewis. Or maybe Louis. I haven't asked her (0:

So on the 28th we headed back down the mountain to come home and officially close out Christmas 2008.

We had moved Lewis/Louis out of his bowl and back into his plastic container with lid that he came home from the pet store to transport him home. The container looks like one of those that you might buy pimento cheese in at the deli. except that it has a hole in the top so your little fishy doesn't die. Molly was holding him on her lap.

We had been cruising along for about 30 minutes. The kids were watching the second half of Prince Caspian, as they had watched the first half on the way there.

And then:


Molly threw up all over everything.

Including poor Lewis/Louis.

He is still alive, but really glad to be back in his bowl. With clean water.

The really freaky part of the story is that about a year ago we went up the mountain to Spencer to watch William play basketball and on the way home Molly threw up. At the very same spot. We have some friends that live along there and we pulled into their driveway both times to clean her up.

This is onefamily tradition that I hope we do NOT continue in the future!


Messy Jess said...

On one hand I feel really bad for Molly but on the other hand... that's too funny! Good thing you have good friends!

Mother Goose said...

ick, weird how it is that particular spot. so sorry for louis/lewis. LOL, but it is a good thing you have a friend close by

lisagh said...

Awww... poor Lewis/Louis. I hope both he and his mommy are okay!

Rebecca Talley said...

A barfing kid is so not fun.

Love the name of your blog!