Friday, December 21, 2007

25 Things...

25 Things That Made the Hale Family Smile In 2007

1. Bandit the dog is living in the house with us
2. Moms Blog:
3. Ella made the All-Star softball team
4. William was voted all-star in basketball
5. Harrison’s B-ball team came in first
6. William got his driving permit in Feb.
7. William has not had a wreck (YET)
8. Mom’s facial expressions when William is driving
9. Lucy, Rachel, Harrison and Mom at Beta Convention at Opryland Hotel
10. Lucy, Rachel and Mom going to Church Girls Camp
11. Molly learned to read
12. Ella’s massive amounts of AR points
13.William and Lucy got their braces off
14. Dad quit his Bridgestone job
15. Dad opened up ACH Appraisal Services
16. Ella’s awesome teacher from Germany
17. Rachel sings tenor in choir and William can sing higher notes!
18. Harrison got 650 AR points last year in school
19. William can solve the Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes
20. William made the Boyd basketball team
21. Harrison received the 6th grade band award
22. Lucy and Rachel each received the citizenship award for their homerooms
23. Molly got our favorite 1st grade teacher
24. We are going to the beach for Christmas
25. When we get back we are going to stay in a cabin in the mountains

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Michelle said...

Beaches, mountains?? *grrrumble, grrrrummmble* Nobody really likes those Hales. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!