Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fun Monday

* Note* I edited this a third time this morning (Monday) and added the picture at the bottom.

Kaytabug has our Fun Monday assignment:

In the spirit of the season I would like to see your favorite Christmas
tree ornament. Not to be confused with the WHOLE tree. I want you to zoom in and
show me one or a few(you know I can't choose just one!) of your favorite
ornaments. If you don't decorate a tree, show me your menorah or dreidel,
Kinara, or Yule Log. I want to see your favorite decoration for this holiday

This is a little bit hard for me. I haven't even really walked up to the tree and studied the ornaments very well. The kids put the tree up while I was busy. Yeah, real busy. I was blogging or something.

The kids like the tree. I am not so into stuff. It kind of feels cluttery to me and my life is cluttery enough. But they like it and I am glad they enjoy it.

SO , UGH! My favorite decorations? Man oh man... Are Christmas cookies decorations?

I am going to think about this tonight and post a picture in the morning. Maybe I will have each of the kids pick there favorite ornament and then I can post 6 pictures. That might be fun...

Edited later on Sunday night:

I found out why I don't like my Christmas tree very much. I need these ornaments. These are on Swampy blog. I found her tonight. She speaks a funny language and is maybe a witch? I don't care. She has pictures of great ornaments!

I think I will just post the beautiful cookies that we made tonight and then I won't feel like a total thief , taking Swampy's ideas.


Okay, while making lunches this morning (Monday) I saw this macrame Christmas tree my mom made in the early 80's. I really like it a lot. So I found something in my own house to post. I am really proud of myself. I hope Kitten has a really easy assignment next week. Something like... type the alphabet. or show us a picture of your big toe. Are you reading this Kitten?

oh, the cat looking in the door is one of the cats that I posted about in October that I had actually had a soft enough heart to let live in the house. You can see how that worked out. I know I will get PETA animal loving granola eaters breathing down my throat for throwing those cats outside but man, they stink. Really bad.


Pamela said...

yes. Cookies are decorations. They decorate our hips.

A Slice of Life said...

Um...there are an awful lot of REALLY ugly toes out there, are you sure you want us to do that??? LOL

Susan at A Slice of Life

Karmyn R said...

hee hee - stinky cat reminds me of the Friends episode where Phoebe sings about Smelly Cat.

I have one of those too.

Dreaming What Ifs...

Carrie Sue said...

Cute tree, and I am all for the easy stuff, too!

ChrisB said...

The cat looks so cute (I'm ignoring the bit about the stink!)
Your mom made a nice tree and it looks good on the door.

Kaycie said...

I like that tree. I think it's very cool.

Sandy said...

Macrame! How could I have forgotten macrame?

Thanks for sharing.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I like the tree, and your post is funny. Ta for the laugh. :D

Sauntering Soul said...

You are hysterical!

My mom and one of my aunts used to be macrame queens. I'm shocked we don't still have one of these trees around. I think there is a macrame owl in a basement somewhere to this day.

Tiggerlane said...

I can't remember visiting your blog before, but I am SO laughing! Your writing style is right up my alley.

I recognize your masthead - I think.

Love this post! (And the mice below are great!)

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I like the tree on the door. I won't tell PETA on you, promise.

Chrys said...

too funny! macrame, oh I remember. It makes me itchy!

Mrs. Darling said...

How funny! I d like the tree on the door though. I dont like cats very well at all so I have no problem with the creature staying outside.

haley said...

HA!HA! I don't know if my mom wrote that or not...chances are, not. I keep forgetting to ask her about it, though. I think she will be mortified when I tell her. I am betting on Russell. By the way, I loved the pictures of Molly playing outside. I love days like that. Here, they are accompanied by a few feet of snow. I need a little Tennessee!

Kaytabug said...

Nice tree! Cookies would have counted!

Robinella said...

Yes, especially if they are the cinnamon ones Kitten and I like to make and share.