Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Christmas at the Beach House

I am playing with my camera. I haven't really learned anything yet. You can probably tell. Here is a picture of my dad's office with out the flash. Here it is with the flash
This is a ceramic Christmas tree that my Grandmother made. The picture is of my Grandmother and grandfather about 1925. ( no flash again)
The Christmas tree, no flash
Kitchen, no flash
Outside. Full moon, no flash
same again
with flash, but blurry. There are an awful lot of choices on this thing. I am having fun, though.
Here is my redneck husband coming out the front door. I won't tell you what he asked me, but it was VERY redneck!
The mantle, no flash
Please don't get aggravated with all these pictures.


gretchen said...

I am sure by the time we get to the cabin you'll have it all figured out!!! Can't wait to see everyone and relax!

Robinella said...

I had to stop by tonight to wish you an early birthday! My husband is off work until Jan 2nd and is cramping my style big time!!! haha

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Sandy said...

Happy, happy Birthday!

Joy T. said...

Popping over from Robinella's December Birthday list to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! We December birthday babies have to stick together :o) Hope your day is grand!!

Rechelle said...

Wow - great house! Little hard to see with some of those pics though...ha ha ha just kidding.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a beautiful home. I loved seeing things w/flash and w/out.

april said...

Swimming? What? Where's the snow and ice and and and sweaters to cover the fat?

gretchen said...

We are in GA admiring the beach house pixs.

Chrys said...

Now this is a house! I love it! I also love that you are having so much fun with your new camera. What kind did you get? I like that you have the capacity to shoot with a flash and without a flash. LOOK out, you will become addicted. There just may be a photographer in there. I saw some really good shots! Nicely done.