Sunday, December 23, 2007

Over The Mountain and Through Three States To Grandmother's House We Go!

I really wanted to take some pictures last night so I could post them today but I was a little under the weather. You can scroll down or read about it here.

So here are some pics I took today with my new super duper cool camera. I will be spending the next three years figuring out how to use all of the buttons and settings and lenses. Watch for picture improvement. I hope. Or it will have been a lot of money for nothing.

My mother likes to decorate. And shop. And decorate some more. This gene skipped me. I don't like to shop and decorate. Case in point. She spent 2 days decorating her Christmas tree. I sat on the computer and blogged while my kids drug the Christmas tree up from the basement and decorated it. In about 30 minutes. Perfectionist they are not. But, I asked them if they were happy. Yes, very happy. They liked the tree a lot. Nuff said. Kids happy, I'm happy!

Here are some pics from my mother's very well appointed house. She has been featured on house tours for the Charleston Symphony. My house has been nominated for the TV show "What not to live in" Okay, that was a pretty weak joke. Remember, I don't have TV. I think there is a show called What Not To Wear? That was what I was alluding to. It isn't funny if I have to explain it. I feel like Nemo's dad trying to tell a joke at the beginning of the movie. You know, before he had his mojo on.

yeah, I will quit talking and show you some pictures.

wait. take a closer look at that. do you see what I see?
Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!! Look at all those presents. We didn't have that many under our tree. And ours were not so tastefully wrapped. Or color co-ordinated. Is that football on the TV? Why yes. I know I have mentioned the 7 bathrooms at my parents house. But have I mentioned the 7 TVs? If one is good then two is better... you get the idea. They do nothing in a small way. I have been corrected. There are 8 TVs. They have one for the screened porch, also.

I guess Grandma likes snowmen this year.

The kids were going to swim this morning. But then they got sidetracked. Probably by a TV! haha. It was about 70 degrees today. Too cold to swim, but they have a heater for the pool, so I have seen my kids out in the pool when the outside temp was in the 50's. You don't catch me in the pool unless it is in the 90's. and then it is a rare occurrence, Kind of like a whale sighting. Yes, I just said WHALE. I can laugh at myself. Actually, I laugh at myself a lot. Usually I am the only one laughing. People just don't get my sophisticated sense of humor.Don't the cookies look yummy. I ate some. I ate some more. I am going to eat some more later. .

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Whirled said...

Are we long lost sisters?!? That sounds like my mother! :) It also doesn't help that my mother gags at dog hair and my house has ...well..a lot.

I enjoy your blog, I'll be back!

Happy holidays!