Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag, your IT!

I have been tagged by Chrys at Solomon Surprises. I think the surprise is on me. Okay, you all know how this works...

The tag rules are: 1) Link to the person who tagged you. 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Share 7 facts about yourself. 4) Tag 7 random people and include links to their blogs. 5) Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I have been white water rafting once. Just once. I thought I was going to die. I hated it. But the guide was cute. (very small consolation, I wouldn't do it again, no matter who the guide was!)

2. I love pudding. Cold and creamy and dreamy. I love cold and creamy foods.

3. I am desperate to have more children. I am absolutely sure we are supposed to have more. My husband is , um, not sharing this feeling. right now...

4. Growing up I always thought the greatest job in the world would be to be a nun. I love to sit quietly. I love to read. I hate to make decisions. I love order and silence. Life in a secluded convent somewhere just seemed dandy to me. Yes, there was the small problem that I was not Catholic and never wanted to be Catholic. I just wanted to be the non- Catholic nun.

5. I never want to live somewhere that unknown neighbor kids might come to my house. We have never had a kid here that we didn't bring here. That would make me crazy. Of course, my kids have never been to someones house that we didn't take them to. Actually my kids have only been to someone elses house very few times. I like them here.

6. I am always hungry

7. I am planning to have surgery in 2008 that will fix the ravenous tiger in my belly.

Now I have to tag seven people. I don't personally know seven people to tag, so I am going to randomly tag commenter's to my blog...


A Slice of Life

Mrs. Darling


Carrie Sue



lucy said...

mmm, mom that is only 5 people, the rules say you have to tag 7.

Michelle said...

Thanks alot Lucy!! I wasn't on the original list!! :)

Alison said...

6 kids and you want more?? You are my hero!!

What part of Wales is your family from? Mine are from North Wales, Colwyn Bay to be exact. I do have family all over Wales and England now but my mom grew up in Colwyn Bay.

Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

I'll accept your tag but I don't have 7 people for me to tag. You've tagged Michelle and you tagged me so I don't really have anyone to

Lil Mouse said...

i was looking for your fun monday and didnt find it, but i do see you want more kids and you have SIX already? is that right? holy cow! like the brady bunch all combined? or did you give birth to them all? just gotta know.