Saturday, December 1, 2007

Office Talk

Rumor has it that people that work in office buildings gather around the water cooler and gossip. I know this to be true because I read the Blondie comic strip and I see Dagwood involved in this kind of activity. I think Mr. Dithers doesn't approve. They talk about dates they had the night before or their MIL. Maybe they gripe about the boss. Any kind of mindless gossip. Now, I know that gossiping is a sin. Lucky for me I do not work in an office, so I do not have to try to avoid these gossipy office situations.

Stay at home moms have a different cooler to gather around. It doesn't have water in it.

It has milk in it.

I hang out and talk with my co-workers at the Wal-Mart milk cooler. We exchange parenting tips and recipes. I only involve myself in wholesome conversations. You do believe me, right? It was at the milk cooler a few weeks ago that I ran into a friend. I spent a few minutes teasing her son who was int the buggy when I noticed this next to him: Actually he had one that had the product in the container, I forgot to take a pic before I had it out.

I have a little problem that I really don't want to admit too. Oh, you really really want to know? Alright then. Since I started having kids my hair has started falling out in clumps. Massive amounts of hair. My husband used to plunge the shower drain and pull up nasty, giant hairballs.
My kids all liked to watch this. And talk about how disgusting I am. Like I do it on purpose. Remember we don't have broadcast TV, so the kids take their entertainment where they can get it.

So I bought a drain cover. It so did not work. I would watch the hair slide right under it as I showered.

But then I saw this one:

See the way that it fits down into the drain. Wonderful. No sneaky hairs escaping down that drain. And those little hairy things. Perfect. This thing catches EVERY HAIR. We are one happy family, now.

Now that we don't have giant hairballs to plunge and discuss the kids are going to have to start watching my husband trim his nose hairs!


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh!! Since I had Abby my hair has started coming out too!! I actually have a receeding hair line. It isn't pretty. I talked to Rob about it and he told me to get a vitamin just for hair. I didn't want to wait until I was bald to ask!! You are not alone!!

Chrys said...

I have and continue to lose tons of hair. Luckily, I still have a ton of hair. But, hair disgusts me. I barely like touching my own. Wet hair to be cleaned out of a drain, ewww... it makes me heave and so does cleaning my hair brush out. I can't do it. Dh has to do it or one of the girls.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Ick. I thought it was just me.

KristiMoffitt said...

Your blog is so funny! I need one of these hair stoppers!!! Can you get the one you have at Walmart?