Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas preview

Call it what you want but we are suckers and let the kids give each other one present tonight to open. They drew names about 6 weeks ago and have been shopping for just that person. They keep it a big secret until the gifts are opened. Some people had figured it out, but a few had no idea at all. 3 people thought that William had them! They chose a gift to give their person. We will do it again tomorrow night and then Friday morning we are having "our" Christmas since we will be celebrating the real Xmas day at my parents house. Rachel gave Molly Webkinz clothes, charms and a charm necklace!
Harrison gave Rachel Webkinz charms and a Webkinz Google. Adrian said, "that's a platypus, not a Google" He has no imagination!
Ella gave William a 4 by 4 Rubik's Cube and Lucy gave Harrison a very fun car that never gets stuck and does all sorts of cool tricks.
Molly gave Ella a box of really tasty and pretty ribbon candy. William gave Lucy a label maker and colored labels. Very exciting. And very OCD. She plans to label everything. Please don't stare at me if you see me walking around with a label on my forehead. She just likes to be organized!
And not to be left out... We are teaching Bandit to wear a hat so he looks cuter. Because a house with 4 daughters in it is always trying to up the cute factor.


Chrys said...

how fun! what great gifts. I love that even the dog is in the Christmas spirit!

Sauntering Soul said...

I realize this has nothing to do with all of those fabulous Christmas presents and lovely smiles on lots of faces, but your sofa looks very similar to my mom's sofa!

Alison said...

very wanna know what's weird though?? my daughter has the same footsie jammies and you and my parents have the same couch as you!!