Friday, December 7, 2007

Lucy's braces are coming off!!

Lucy is soo excited. The orthodontist has taken off her top braces. He said it won't be long until the bottom ones come off. Now she has to remember to wear her retainer. For the rest of her life! William had his top braces removed also but he doesn't want to pose for a picture.

Getting Lucy to pose for a picture is not hard. She actually doesn't wait for someone to take her picture, she just does self portraits. Like this one: She keeps handing the camera and computer to me and saying, "Here mom, I took some pictures for you to blog about." I have enough pictures for about 20 posts. One day she followed me around and took pics of everything I did. So I could blog it all. Packing lunches, sweeping the floors. Fascinating stuff. Really. So I will have to start having the "Lucy posts". I will randomly pick her pictures and write a post for them.


Chrys said...

Congrats Lucy! they look nice and straight! I bet you are so excited. I love that you take tons of pictures to blog about. you are a girl after my own heart! I have to limit myself to 2 or 3 blogs a day!! But, I can't wait to blog everything because I am looking forward to printing my journaling blog! Keep inspiring your mom to blog too! I love the every day stuff. It's life and life is goes by way too fast!

Michelle said...

Your teeth look beautiful!! I bet you are so excited!!

lucy said...

mom, rachel was the one that took pics. of cleaning, i don't think that that is weird.

thank you everybody!!! i love them tooo!!!

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