Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cookie Monster

On Sunday night, Molly made cookies to take to her class the next day. Monday was my assigned day to come and read a Christmas book to her classroom. Molly picked Angelina's Christmas by Catherine Holibird?.? I am not sure of her last name. And the book is in the car still. Anyway, this was a lot of fun but very time consuming.

She spent about 3 hours making 3 cookie sheets full. We painted the cookies with egg yolk mixed with food color before baking them You can look at the recipe HERE. William likes to help cook. He does not like to be in the picture.
Still painting. It was in the 70's on Sunday. We were all pretty hot there in the kitchen with the oven on. Molly had put on a blanket sleeper! She said she was comfortable. Ella makes a fabulous snowman

After baking William is applying some royal icing. Do you see that cool squeezy thing he is using? Pampered Chef sells them and they totally work great! Set of 3 is only $10.50! Buy some today. Really. Especially if you can't go anywhere because of the ice storm. Us? We have been spared. It is 78 and sunny. Don't hate me because my roads are safe!
oops. I forgot to rotate again. This snowman is *special* Adrian made it. He made it blonde. He said it was for Lucy. Do you believe the abuse my children get at the hands of their father? It is criminal. I have never teased her. Well, except for this one time.


Chrys said...

ok, how did they taste? I have never done the egg yolk frosting thing? what did you think? Did you use PW's recipe too? I have a yummy recipe that my children will not let me deviate from. I have seen those squeezy thingys around. I am a gadget woman too! LOL. I would be the one in a blanket sleeper too. I was that way always growing up. 90 degrees out, 85% humidity and I am under a blanket! Drove my mother insane! (no, that was not the reason why I insisted on having a blanket).

April said...

The cookies look yummy.

I think I may be your Moncton person..LOL. I am in the yahoo group Chrys has and have been checking out her blog and those of her friends. I live about 30 minutes from Moncton NB (near the NB/NS border)

Cynthia said...

Hi April. Glad you are stopping by.

Is Moncton as wonderful as it seems on the "virtual" visits we take there?

Cynthia said...

Chrys, yes it is P-Dub's recipe. The kids said they liked it. I think sugar cookies are gross, so I didn't like them.

That doesn't mean that I didn't eat any. I just thought they tasted gross.

Alison said...

Cookies look good...my daughter has the same feetsie jammies that your daughter is wearing!!

April said...

Its pretty nice. It has grown in size over the years. Alot of the people speak french there, we are a bilingual province. My bf used to live near there and worked in the city, he loves it there. As for me...not so much...lol.