Monday, December 3, 2007

Manic er, umm... I mean FUN Monday

Okay, so today is fun Monday.our assignment was to pick our favorite post. I had a hard time deciding. I finally picked one last night. Did I put it up ? No. And now half of the fun Monday people have come for a looksee and have seen nuttin'.

Arghhh... I have had so much stuff to do today. It is sinful that I am even typing this and not doing one of the 29 billion others things on todays list. At least this actually was onteh list, so I can cross it off. Maybe I should start adding 'sit on couch and stare into space for hours' to my list some days and then I won't feel guilty when that is all I do. I can cross it off the list!
I was torn between the first date stories posts, because they are about Adrian and I, and the gay car dealership.

Gay car dealership won. It still makes me laugh and Adrian and I still think of other silly embellishments to the whole concept. Most of them are too crass for my children to read and since they read this thing everyday, I will just have to keep the rest of it to myself. Sorry!

So here it is:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Funny Ads
On the side bar to the left my Google ads are running. They read my blog and put up ads that are appropriate to the blog content. I have seen cooking, whole grain, baby, lunch box, Halloween costume ideas, etc. They have seemed really relevant to my content.
Until today.
Can anyone explain to me what I said that made them decide that my readers were looking for GAY FRIENDLY CAR DEALERS ? Of course now they will read it in my blog...Do gay people really feel discriminated at heterosexual car dealerships?
Gay guy: ummm... I really want a pretty car. A pink car that has soft interior and a good lighted mirror so I can see to apply my lip gloss. Don't you have something with a cute tushie???
Homo phobic car salesman: Boy, you need a truck. Here is an F150 with a lift kit and mud tires. Get in it , now!!!
Gay guy: NOOOOOOOOOO!Now the gay guy starts whining and crying and stomping his feet and throwing a hissy fit. Truly, he throws a very good hissy fit.The gay guy goes home crying to his boyfriend: they just don't understand me... I wish there was a gay friendly car dealer
And now for your gay shopping pleasure...

c'mon in boys and feel our engines purr
rear end alignments our specialty

I can't believe I just typed that. I am going to go and scrub my bath tub as punishment!
I could go on forever but my kids read this. Can you tell I ate cookies for breakfast? I am super hyper!!!!!!!!
Have I alienated you all now? Please don't run away screaming and renting your clothes... I made muffins. Really yummy good for you muffins. I will post them later today!!
I shall redeem myself!!!
Posted by Cynthia at 11/09/2007 08:42:00 AM


Karmyn R said...


I feel alienated by all car salesman - but of course, being a woman I think its natural.

Dreaming What Ifs...

gretchen said...

Ok...I think this may be your funniest blog by far. Maybe even a little yukky funny!

Robin said...

Twas funny! I just finished reading two books by Augusten Burroughs (he's gay) and I already had a few images in mind when I started reading this.

Tiggerlane said...

OMG! Just now getting around to the Fun Mondayers! Recently, our satellite service added channels, including the "Logo" channel. Which is, like, TOTALLY gay. I happened to stop there, not knowing what it was, b/c one of my favorite movies (Moulin Rouge) was on. Then comes a car commercial. I notice all the couples looking at cars are "same sex" couples. Then, I figured out what the channel was about!

So, yeah - there is a market for that!