Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beta Convention

I have forgotten to tell you all about this fun thing that the girls and I did the week of Thanksgiving. We went to the Opryland Hotel for Beta Convention. Lucy and Rachel participated in the book scene competion. It had some other name, but I don't remember it. They did a scene from the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of Being Ernest. They had to hold perfectly still for 10 minutes. It was miraculous! There friends B and K were also in the scene.

The whole competition kind of got my goat. I didn't lift a finger to help them. They built their backdrop and got the props and costumes. It was their competition. Most of the other schools setting up were all parents and power tools! Hundreds of dollars of building supplies and not a student in sight. The girls said that when the group on the one side of them got there to perform the kids had never even practiced. The parents told them where to stand and what to do.

Of course, we didn't win, but I think our kids learned the more than those others!

Harrison went also, but he doesn't like his picture taken. I can totally understand that!
The girls didn't end up getting much to eat before the competition. They kept stealing bites of the
muffins that Jack and Algy were "fighting "over.


Alison said...

Good for your kids doing it all on their own...those situations always get my goat too!!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Your kids will remember this for a lifetime. Those other kids will not, but their parents will remember it, and when their kids grow up unappreciative and disrespectful, they will be the first ones to chime, "but we did so much for those kids". Duh! Too cool that your kids got to experience that. You all did GOOD!! Nekked Lizards

lucy said...

It is called Acting Literature, mom.

Dallas said...

Very cool. I did something like that when I was in middle school. My team wimped out and chose Peter Pan rather than a more advanced book.

Swampwitch said...

They will benefit so much more from that experience. Good for you.
The cookies below look delicious. Please pass one...dozen to the friendly witch.

Chrys said...

YOU HAVE JUST been tagged!