Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby Shower and Yummy Cake

Saturday we got to have a baby shower at the house. This is Tonya and Kevin. They go to church with us. They are having a boy in January. Tonya says they will probably name him Jonah.

Kevin wants to name him Rasputin.

He isn't joking... Really, Kevin is a decent guy. Quit judging him!!!

Rasputin probably had some good qualities. He was, umm, religious? Tonya said that Rasputin is actually an improvement from some of the other names he has suggested along the way.Kevin loves green. He approved of this green striped outfit. Kevin also loves cars. Rachel took these pictures and I don't have any with car baby clothes in them, but they received several car outfits. I should clarify what kind of cars Kevin loves. He loves junk cars. He likes them better if they don't run. He says that he dreams of looking out his window and living in the middle of a junkyard. Does anyone remember Fred Sanford ?

Alrighty, everyone is happy and enjoying the gifts. A favorite pastime of mine is going to Wal-mart and rubbing my face into all the soft baby blankets, so I enjoyed this shower immensely. LOTS of soft blankets to nuzzle when no one was looking.

It is NOT weird to rub your face into baby blankets.

But it is time to get serious...

Showers mean food. As a matter of fact after we played some extremely stimulating shower games I had cooked up and then ate the yummy food that my wonderful friends brought over, about half the crowd dispersed. Apparently it was time to sleep off the effects of eating way too much totally delicious girl food. Or go hiking. I don't understand that hiking thing when you could take a nap. But, yes, several ladies did leave to go hiking. You ladies are making the rest off us look bad, but I forgive you since you brought yummy girlie food to my house. Different strokes for different folks.

Back to the food...

This is a picture of a chocolate sheet cake I made. It was very yummy. yum, yum, yum. I ate it at the shower. I ate it for dinner. I ate some for breakfast. The icing is full of chopped pecans. I love pecans.

Oh of my life.


Tonya said...

Thanks so much for the great Baby Shower and the yummy, yummy food. I did indeed have to have a nap once we got home. I need to know how you made that cake, Kevin is still talking about it. Not to mention the weird name, only Kevin could come up with that lol. Thanks again and we love you guys!!!

Chrys said...

How fun, I love love love baby showers. This is one of Bill's favorite cakes. It is a texas sheet cake, right? we do not put pecans in our frosting but I am sure it would be divine!