Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Constant Is Change

Even though we have 4 daughters between 6 and 13 years, we only had one doll in the house. She is an American Girl named Kirsten. She belongs to my oldest daughter. My girls have never been "into" dolls. There were a few years when the oldest girls were little and I was still having babies that they played with them, but it has been years since any of them have even noticed a doll. We have received a few as as gifts, but they have either returned them or donated them to The Rescue Squad Toy Drive. I am sure I have influenced them a little, I never liked dolls.

I was a big disappointment to my mom. She had to wait through 3 stinky boys before she had me and then I was a big tomboy. Maybe not a tomboy, I never liked getting dirty or playing sports, but I also never liked pretty clothes or dolls.

Alright, that was a long enough stroll down memory lane. I love talking about myself, but this is going to be about my girl, M. She is my sweet baby. The other 5 kids will roll their eyes at me calling her my sweet baby. They think she is spoiled. They really have no idea about spoiled. I know spoiled, I was the baby at my house, by 9 years!! And I was the only girl. None of my kids are spoiled. They will thank me for that when they grow up. My kids have skills. Bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills, numchuck skills. They can also quote lame movies, just like me! We spend our family time doing REALLY IMPORTANT things like watching Napoleon Dynamite. A LOT!

Does anyone know how to spell numchuck? I don't think that is correct and spell check is not helping me. I am nothing without spell check, I feel so lost when it doesn't highlight and respell the words that I know I have spelled wrong.

Wait, hold on partner, actually we have 2 dolls. I just thought of it. My 15 year old son, W has a Napoleon Dynamite doll that has on really rockin' moon boots and dances. That is not weird. He is a cool kid, with a cool doll. I bought it for him.

Vote For Pedro

Summer is a Freak

This Kirsten doll has always been weird to me, though. L asked for her for her 11th birthday. It seemed strange for an 11 year old that didn't like dolls to want a $100 doll. But since my kids have grandparent manipulation down to a science, she received this doll. I have seen it out about 5 times. She had a friend with this doll, and they played with them together. I have not seen this doll in about a year. Until about 5 days ago. My 6 year old asked L if she could play with Kirsten. She has been absolutely addicted to this doll. She has carried her everywhere. She has been making jewelry and clothes for her. I would not ever have guessed.

Just when you think you know your kids, they throw you a curve ball. This picture looks staged, I didn't turn the flash off and she was asleep on the couch with all the overhead lights on. She loves this doll. Maybe Santa will bring her her own American Girl Doll. L would be grateful, I am sure.


Chrys said...

She is so adorable! I hope she gets her own A. girl too. I love that she loves baby dolls. I have a daughter who is 9. I thought we were out of that stage too, and now she is totally back into playing mommy and with dolls. She is going to be a great mother one day. Love the picture.

gretchen said...

Ok...she may look more like you but those are my actions. I loved Loved LOVED baby dolls. Maybe because all I had to play with was Adrian! He only wanted me to go fishing or learn to climb up grapevines and get covered with poision ivy. So baby dolls became my best friend. She is precious....precious. Please pass along thru email who and what santa might bring so we can add to!