Friday, November 16, 2007

A Contest You Can Enter! Yipee

This chick is having a contest. She is giving away a little digital camera. It is on a key chain. I entered. I don't really need it. But it is free. I have no willpower. Please enter and win instead of me so I don't have to feel guilty about having another 'thing' in my house to deal with.

She has a nice blog. She is obsessed with Chesterfield couches. I have never really thought about the merits of Chesterfield couches. They have merits, though. The guys in the band Bare Naked Ladies like Chesterfields. They sing about them in the song If I Had A Million Dollars (No that is not a link, just go to ITunes if you want to hear it.) That song is my 6 year olds favorite. She asks my husband regularly to borrow his IPod so she can listen to it.
~that is probably ruining her hearing~

She will be mad at me later because I let her listen to an IPod when she was a kid and her hearing got messed up. All that bitter resentment will cause her to have emotional problems. Then she will have to be in therapy. That is okay, though because a kid I went to high school with is now a psychology professor at BYU. She can just take his class. He and I took psychology together in high school. On the morning of graduation they had a breakfast for us at the American Club in Tai Tam. Our Psych teacher pulled me aside and gave me this piece of advice.

"Don't go into psychology"

We finally agreed on something

This post has left the highway and travelled way down a back road. I think maybe I am in a ditch next to a field of llamas. Yes, there is a field of llamas near my house.

Let me get back to the main highway here. The link to enter the camera contest is HERE in case that link doesn't work her site is called:
I guess New York?
OOOHHH... I put all sorts of links in this post. I think maybe I should have my own contest. Click on my links and then post a comment telling me the weird things that you have learned about me from the links. Feel free to make up some thing weird if you don't find anything you like in the links. I am all about re-inventing myself. If you all dig up something about me that isn't true but seems useful, I will pretend that it is true.
I am not afraid to lie. In my blog!!!!
I may scare up a fabulous prize for the person who's comments I like the best. Yes, this is random and there is really no way for you to know if you are doing it right, but what the heck, enter and see what happens.
I know you all can see through this ruse. I just want to get the lurkers to speak up and comment. How totally immature of you all to make me resort to bribing you. You should feel ashamed of yourselves! Now hang your heads and go lay down in your doghouses until I say come out. Huh, the dog was just standing here next to me. I guess that is why I have put you all in the dog house.
Wait, come back! you have to comment first. I want the lurkers from Hungary and Germany to comment first. Go ahead. Feel free to comment in German.
I don't speak German, but Ella's teacher is from Germany and William is friends with a kid from Germany who is on exchange here this year.
I am totally screwed if you comment in Hungarian. I am going to share all the Hungarian I know with you: goulash paprika gypsy? That last one is just a guess. Maybe that is Romanian. Please don't speak Hungarian to me. It is neither romantic nor intellectual since I can't understand it.
Hey, lurker from Italy, go ahead in Italian. My Brother in Law, who really doesn't like to be blogged about (see here) Can speak Italian.
Oh you probably want to know the prize. I have not though this through. Why don't you also suggest a good prize in you r comment... yeah, that's the ticket!
Good luck and I expect 1000's of comments.
Do you realize how much power I have given you. I am letting you pick your prize. Maybe. See, you have me up late at night and are working down my defenses. You wicked people.
I am really going to bed now, so don't try to stop me. This is the last time I will say goodnight! And the last time I will say good luck. And the last time I will use spell check. I love spell check. If only they would invent a mouth check so I could fix all that stuff I say to people that comes out wrong. I could pretend it just came out with typos.

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