Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunch Time

This is what I made for lunch yesterday. It is a plate of greasy, salty, sinfully divine fried onions and potatoes. You know you want it. Don't resist. This is not a mysterious dish to prepare. Just click HERE to get the recipe.

My Southern readers are laughing hysterically at me wondering why I would post a recipe for this dish. Cooking fried potatoes and onions is like making toast in the south. Well, guess what? Southern readers, Yankee Mom here had never seen a plate of fried potatoes and onions before marrying the redneck. That's right, I am actually going to admit that I can't remember even holding a real honest to goodness onion in my hand before getting married. Growing up, onions came dried and shredded in a shaker bottle. But only used on very rare occasions, and only if they would be undetectable in the final product. Maybe you can guess this but the International Man of Mystery does not care for onions. Neither does Mrs. International Man of Mystery. That left us poor Mysterious kids with no onion experience.

I am okay now. I went to a 12 step onion rehab program and I am cooking like a champ, now. I will even venture to let you in on a secret. Sometimes I make myself a plate of fried onions and potatoes for lunch and I leave out the potatoes. Uh huh, a big plate of fried onions. Then I give my kids big hugs and kisses after school so they can share the onion live!


Michelle said...

Ok Cynthia, that's just GROSS!

Chrys said...

Cynthia, I believe it! I too, was raised up north. Born in Hawaii but at 2.5 yrs old moved to upstate NY. Did you realize that southerners FRY everything?? In fact, Gretchen is the one who taught me how to make those potatoes you just made! I made them a week or two ago for my family and THEY WENT CRAZY for them. They thought I hung the moon. WE had them for dinner. LOL, so funny how the area you were brought up in influences your pallette.

lucy said...

wait, you never had had fried potateos before marying dad?!?!?! wow, what you went through as a kid, and what the south has taught you. honestly mom i don't know where you would be w/o the south, (in jail,a hitchhiker, who knows?) the south has defintaly done you some good.
(ok a lot of good.)

Heather said...