Friday, November 9, 2007

Funny Ads

On the side bar to the left my Google ads are running. They read my blog and put up ads that are appropriate to the blog content. I have seen cooking, whole grain, baby, lunch box, Halloween costume ideas, etc. They have seemed really relevant to my content. Until today. Can anyone explain to me what I said that made them decide that my readers were looking for GAY FRIENDLY CAR DEALERS ? Of course now they will read it in my blog...

Do gay people really feel discriminated at heterosexual car dealerships?

Gay guy: ummm... I really want a pretty car. A pink car that has soft interior and a good lighted mirror so I can see to apply my lip gloss. Don't you have something with a cute tushie???

Homo phobic car salesman: Boy, you need a truck. Here is an F150 with a lift kit and mud tires. Get in it , now!!!


Now the gay guy starts whining and crying and stomping his feet and throwing a hissy fit. Truly, he throws a very good hissy fit.

The gay guy goes home crying to his boyfriend: they just don't understand me... I wish there was a gay friendly car dealer

And now for your gay shopping pleasure...

c'mon in boys and feel our engines purr
rear end alignments our specialty
I can't believe I just typed that. I am going to go and scrub my bath tub as punishment!
I could go on forever but my kids read this. Can you tell I ate cookies for breakfast? I am super hyper!!!!!!!!
Have I alienated you all now? Please don't run away screaming and renting your clothes... I made muffins. Really yummy good for you muffins. I will post them later today!!
I shall redeem myself!!!


gretchen said...

I can't believe it!!! Finally Cynthia we see the real you!!!

I am dying over here!

you are crazy...chrys is gonna get a big kick out of this one!!!

Rose said...


Chrys said...

roflship!! (rolling on the floor laughing so hard I pooted) LOL, I originally thought tooted but then that would spell a swear word! oops.
Cynthia, you are crazy! I was so attatched to every word you were writing! too funny! Once, I get started it is kind of hard to reel me back in. LOL, anyway I think you should eat more cookies. What's your favorite kind? maybe, I should mail you some? Thanks for the laugh.