Thursday, November 22, 2007

Little Ones on Thanksgiving

Here is my girl Molly and her sweet (and rascally) cousin Caroline. They were looking for something to do after we had eaten enough food to feed a small country. The adults were in coma mode (see previous post for a glorious photo aimed at embarrassing my blog phobic BIL). Molly asked if they could play with Play Doh. She already had the Play Doh in her hand. I am not a Play Doh mom. It is an evil substance invented to undermine the cleaning regiment of the mothers of industrialized countries. You all feel this way, don't you? Please tell me that it is not just a weird quirk of mine. I don't want to be weird today. I am grateful that Molly has the worlds most amazing teacher and they play with Play Doh when it is raining outside and have to stay in. She and her friend Rachel make all sorts of wonderful houses and people and animals. But at my house I kind of like to have really controlled Doh experiences. When Molly and Caroline are together they play really well. I was afraid they would play too well and have the Play Doh off of the table. Carrying Play Doh away from the kitchen table breaks one of my Ten Commandments for playing. I never reveal all ten commandments at once since I am always changing them to fit the situation. So don't ask what the other nine are. I won't know what they are until I see a mess in the making and I make up a rule to change the coarse of the mess direction.
So instead of Play Doh, I suggested Calico Critters and Doggie Daycare. Yes, this is the same Doggie Daycare that was*gasp* recalled due to lead. I read the recall. It was a problem if children ate the paint. I am soo past children eating their toys here that I decided to be a toy rebel and keep the Doggie Daycare that Molly plays with about 3 times a year. As you can see, they were having a big time. I think that is a Southern saying, big time, but I have lived here so stinkin' long all of these sayings are getting all blurred together. Oh help me!
Here is my girl. Note the fleece shirt. Yesterday morning it was 75 degrees and sunny. After lunch the clouds came, followed by torrential rain, then thunderstorms, and finally: COLD. Crazy, huh. Isn't she so pretty. Let's all stare at her for a while. I could do this for hours.
Oh, Caroline is back. I took some really funny pics of Caroline today. They are on my SIL's super duper fancy pants camera. It is so cool, you can just hold the button down and it goes click,click,click,click,click... You get the idea. What a great Christmas present a really clicky camera like that would make. My husband is reading over my shoulder and thought that last sentence was really weird. I think he is really weird. He thinks I jump topics. He thinks it doesn't make any sense. He thinks I need a creative writing class. Ha, that shows what he knows. I took a creative writing class. In high school. In the 80's. It is all still up here in my head. I am a creative writing wonder.

He made me digress. What a knucklehead. back to these sweet girls. They had a wonderful day. My SIL took pictures of the food, I think. When she gets them up on her blog I will send a link over to it. I hope she puts up the awesome action shots that I took, too. I will even let her take credit for them!

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