Friday, November 23, 2007

Tall kids not allowed

Yesterday there was some discussion about how tall William was. Gretchen thought he was as tall as Adrian. I was sure that wasn't the case. It was unsettling for me to think of him being taller than his dad. He has been taller than me for years, but I am not ready for him to be the tallest person in the house.

I said "He only looks tall because he wears those Etnies shoes." I thought, that is why you have to pay so much for them, they give you the illusion of being several inches taller. I was looking at William standing next to his dad when I said that.

William looked down at his feet and said "No Mom, I am barefoot, Dad made me take my socks and shoes off."

Uh Oh. Gulp... Is the kid really as tall as his dad? My world kinda falls apart with this one. I know he is going to be 16 in 2 months. I know he will be moving on out of here int the next few years. But I can deny these things easier when he still looks like a kid. But he is now becoming a tall, car driving, beard shaving, receiving all sorts of mail from college recruiters almost adult.

It is a good thing there are a lot of desserts in the house this weekend because just writing this post is making me feel the kind of stress that only pecan pie can calm.

There was a really happy ending, though. William is still actually an inch shorter than Adrian.

The planets are still lining up for me!

Now I just need to figure out a way to sabotage his Eagle Scout Project. He is actually working on it. He has been ready to work on it for over 2 years and has just not done anything about it. He has known all along that he would not be allowed to get his driver's license until he earned that Eagle rank. Countdown to 16th birthday has finally lit a fire under him.

After all of the measuring and my worries (Most of the thought s that ran through my head are ones that I wrote about here but it happened in about a 4.5 second frame of time.) we realized that Uncle Steve hadn't been measured. We didn't want him to feel left out. I was too lazy to get up out of my semi-reclined position on the couch until I saw Adrian measuring Steve. I hopped up and grabbed the camera to snap a picture of this funny sight.

Uncle Steve had everyone in the whole house beat. He was taller by several inches than anyone.

Next Thanksgiving maybe we should get the scale out and everyone can try to outweigh each other.

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Ann said...

I remember when my son was suddenly 6'3"... first he was only a little taller than me... then one day I went to nudge him out of my way and he didn't move. it was like running into a house. :-)

Now both of my daughters are taller than I am, as well. Crazy, no?