Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Free Stuff. Yippee!

Look at this fabulous Kate Spade Picture holder. It holds 24 pictures and is leather. I looked it up at the Nieman Marcus site and it is $55. Now, you may have $55 that you are willing to spend on this. I won't judge you , but that is an ABSURD amount of money! But hey, don't worry about breaking the piggy bank. The kids can still eat this week. I have great news, you can get it for FREE. Sort of. If you win. No, I don't have this cool of a giveaway here. Head on over to the Beehive and try your luck. The Queen Bee is giving one of these suckers away. Good Luck!
And hey, I could have been selfish and not shared this giveaway with you all, thus increasing my chance of winning. Wait... oh bummer. I shouldn't have told you! Oh well. Go over and try to win it anyway. I won't be too depressed. Maybe. um, good luck


Anonymous said...

hey there! thanks for leaving your comment/entry. this is going to snowball, isn't it? (i promise they were on a good sale when i bought them!!) such fun!
kelly bee :)

Just a Walk in the Park said...

Thanks for the info, that is very sweet of you!

Chrys said...

Thanks for putting it out there. I think this is fun! I love give aways!