Monday, November 12, 2007

I have Pride!!

I saw it again. Not here, but on another blog. The gay car dealer. It was even better this time. They had a catchy slogan. I thought it was great, at first.

Does your ride reflect your pride?

Umm, okay. Does that apply to me, also? Gay people don't have the market cornered on pride, do they. So I have spent a lot of the day thinking, worrying, okay- fretting and chewing my nails! My dad gum (note local vernacular) car had better reflect my pride! Then I went out and looked at the car, since it was time to start my afternoon taxi service anyway. DUH! Of coarse it reflects my pride. Do you all remember this? It's all good. I realized that since these sweet thangs I call my children are what fill me with pride then my whole life reflects that pride. I am actually running over with pride. It has actually spilled onto the floor, it is over flowing wastepaper baskets in the bathroom... Look, it is piled up on the bathroom counter...
Oh boy, I see it on the kids computer desk in the living room. And look how lucky I am, there is a little bit on the floor under the chair.
And spilling off of the couch and out from under it!
As luck would have it, you can see it lined up in the bathroom. That AXE body wash that my boys like to use has a warning on it that it may elicit extra female attention if you use it. It should have a warning about how much pride it will fill a mother with when she sees so many bottles of it in her shower. Especially empty bottles. Those have even more pride in them. Oh boy, the warm feelings that I get when I see empty bottles in the shower, or in the refrigerator. I especially love empty boxes of crackers and cereal in the pantry. It is like this fun game of - we don't need anything from the grocery store to- Haha, jokes on mom! We are actually out of EVERYTHING. Fills me with pride!

Razors show a lot of pride too. We have so many hanging out in this shower it is really a game of Russian Roulette when you get in. You would think we were shaving Bigfoot in here. Oh, in case you were wondering, all 8 of us share this bathroom. Yep, you heard me right.

As you can see, here at our house we are using our good parenting skills to instill a sense of order and cleanliness in our children. It will create a real sense of PRIDE in them of where they cam e from. We are really so proud!


Chrys said...

Yes, it is one of those late insomnia nights. I went to change my blog template to one of those really cool holiday templates and it destroyed my blog all together. I was so glad I didnt lose any of my previous postings! ANYway, I have to say I love this blog! My home is litered with laundry both clean and dirty. So, this feeling that I had coined as frustration, hopelessness and defeat is really just a feeling of PRIDE! thanks so much for setting me straight! I truly feel so much better now, and I may be able to even sleep. The first thing I went to doing was COUNTING how many RAZORS you had! There is a razor for each member of your family. You definitely are not a hairy bunch! We have the same pride that overflows in our kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and fridge. It would appear that we had a pantry full of school snacks for lunch. I should just leave it there and share some of this great pride that I feel.::snicker::
ps. so glad you blogged!

lucy said...

mom, you used thang!!! yea you