Friday, November 30, 2007

Like a good neighbor...

I try to be a good neighbor.

Yesterday a few of my neighbors came by for a visit.
They actually seemed to be a little upset. They wanted to discuss some rumors they had heard about our family. I invited them in, but they hung back by the bushes.

As you can see, Tom was a little bit puffed up. The more I tried to talk to them the worse it got. They were in a fowl, um I mean foul mood.
Then I realized they had brought some of the more unruly neighbors with them. If any of you have ever met these ladies, you know what LOUD gossipers they are. Something was up!
Then they told me. They had heard about this:
I didn't make excuses. Yes, there are certain days of the year that we would willingly wring our neighbors necks and slowly roast them in the oven. Well, they left in a huff, squawking and shaking there tail feathers at me.
This happens in everyones neighborhood, doesn't it?


rachel said...

That is really cute!!!!:)

april said...

Is that a turducken?

I want turkeys!!! Hopefully this spring we will get another flock of chickens started and add a couple turkeys.

Very cute post.

gretchen said...

Gooble Gooble!

Chrys said...

Gobble, gobble, oh wait! I think Gretchen had it right the first time. Gooble Gooble. YOu big goober! I have to say this is my most favorite blog of yours thus far! You have such a great sense of humor and ability to express yourself through words! ::thumbs up::

Cynthia said...

April - That is just a regular turkey. I put my stuffing in a cheesecloth bag. It is so easy to just oull out and there is no waste.

Gooble gooble?

Thanks, Chrys!

lucy said...

yes, mom it happends in every neighborhood hood, at least all the ones I've been in .

AmusedMomma said...

Stuffing in cheese cloth... now there's an idea.

Thanks for stopping my blog. I edited the post so you can find Loverboy now and have a visual of the red leather pants on the album cover (boy did I just date myself!) I'm suprised you don't remember them since you love 80's music. Perhaps you liked other kinds of 80's music.

Love the quote you have on your sidebar about priorities. How true that is!


lucy said...

wait, i just relized i haven't ever lived in a neighborhood.

lisa's chaos said...

Yummy! They all look yummy! I used to raise turkeys and they were awesome, loved watching the little babies.