Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weather I do not like* *edit at bottom of post**

It is raining. No. It is absolutely pouring. The wind is blowing. Lightning and Thunder are fighting with each other. I have a constant desire to go and turn the radio down. Or the television. They aren't turned on. Mother nature, however, is turned up to 10. To quote This Is Spinal Tap. She has drawn an 11 on her volume button, so she is even louder. I get to sit here and worry about my 15 year old who is driving about 60 miles to come home right now. Through the storm. I checked the radar. He will have this storm the whole way. He will be riding with a (hopefully) experienced driver on a *GULP* school bus. I am not in a happy place right now. No one else in my family ever finds a situation like this one even mildly alarming. I am about to have a full fledged panic attack. I hate bad weather when you have to be out in it. i love rain when I am inside. When we are all inside.

He called at 8:45 to say that the game had just ended. And to ask if we were at the game. He really is a kid who plays just for himself. He never knows if we have made the drive to watch the games. He never even looks at the stands. Some of my kids have a hard time playing sports because they spend so much of the time watching us to see if we are watching! This attitude is good and bad. He has no desire to please anyone else. So he is driven, as long as it interests him. That makes school hard. He is an A or F guy. 100s and 0s are usually what are on his report cards.

Eek more thunder and lightning.

*EDIT* He called me at 10:30 to tell me that they were leaving the resturaunt and would be back to school about 11:20. I picked him up at 11:25. We got home about 11:35. THat gave him 6 hours and 35 minutes to shower, sleep, brush teeth, etc, before he had to be back in the car to start the next day. How long can he keep up this pace?


Lil Mouse said...

i totally get that. having just gotten the hubby through college, if he wasn't interested, forget it. he got A's or C's and he could have had all A's. by graduation week, he was saying, you know, that was really stupid, I should have worked harder.. i did NOT say I told you so.. but i wanted to!

Chrys said...

I love the rain and the storms when I am inside safe and sound as well with my entire family. I also like that he plays for himself and not for anyone else. I am this way too. I dance to the beat of my own drums.

The Craven's said...

Hey girl, I enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with your family. Happy New Year!
Toree :)

Alison said...

I hope he made it home safely. I am like you...I would be very worried also!

haley said...

I have to say that I sat in my mom's living room (the room with all the windows) and thought about how much I love thunder storms. However, if my baby had been out in that mess, I would have been terrified. And out in a bus on top of that...Glad he got home okay!