Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hoop Nightmare

What has happened to high school boys? They should be awkward and lanky. They should have a few hairs sticking out of their chins. They should like to play basketball and video games. Tonight my sons high school played a public school that they have played (and lost miserably to) before. I have seen these boys, last time we played them. I decided tonight that I had to blog about them.

Some had beards. Some looked like the Senate should be investigating their use of steroids. One kid a *GULP* TATTOO! On the inside of his arm. It looked like some, erm, gang letters? Okay, it is possible that he was forced to get the tattoo while staying in a WWII Concentration Camp. You are right. That is highly unlikely since this young man was Hispanic.

Biceps bigger than my thigh?(Yes, that is gigantic and frightening, thanks for pointing that out!)

It looked like we were playing the freaking Chicago Bulls.

At least this time we held them to 75 points. Last time they scored over 100. We got like 35 or 40. So we are improving. As long as the coach doesn't suggest tattoos to improve our boys game, I guess I can get over the other teams having tattoos.

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