Sunday, January 6, 2008

My blog has been infiltrated!!!!

THose pictures of my sweetpeas were NOT posted by me. When I came home and saw my blog I exclaimed quite loudly, "SOMEONE HAS POSTED ON MY BLOG!!!"

Insert large amounts of laughter. Hmm.. who is that laughing?


Well, at least she can laugh at herself, since the top picture she made of William and he retaliated by making the bottom picture, and she posted both of them.

On a side note, we go back to school tomorrow. UGH! That means being in the car by 6:10 every morning for seminary.
BUT... William turns 16 next month. We are hoping that his Eagle Project gets approved this week. There is still time for him to get it done and heve his drivers liscense on his birhtday. Oh how I wouold love to get to be home that extra time in the morning. I am so rushed when I get back from taking him. I usually get back between 6:30 and then 6:35. During that time I pack lunches and make sure the little girls eat breakfast. I usually eat breakfast. Try to do hair, etc. It is really rushed. We tyr to be back in the car to go back and pick William up and drop at the three schools my children go to by 7:00.

We Americans lead busy lives. I have moments when I think that pioneer living might have been easier. Just a moment though. Then I snap back to reality! Hello, indoor plumbing and dishwasher!!


gretchen said...

16 sounds good!

That Rachel. She sounds a little like her Daddy!

Pamela said...

yes. go to edit post edit. on the bottom left is Post Options
Change your date there.

Also... I noted in your right bar that your fun monday doesn't fit.

If you upload it into a create post (but just don't publish it), in the compose feature you can grab the edge and make it smaller. resize it would be the appropriate term I guess

Then choose EDIT HTML,
copy that html, and then replace it in your template where you have the other one.

Did that make sense.???