Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swampy's Super Hard MeMe ...but we love the ole witch anyway!

Did I just call Swampy an ole witch? I think I hear a cackle over the pounding rain. Is she out riding that broom of hers in this nasty weather?

I have been tagged. Again. By Swampy. I tagged her and she turned right around, changed the rules and tagged me right back.
Well, apparantly Swampy misses the days of smacking poor students knuckles with a ruler and decided to do a collective smack to several of us at once. So here are the rules:
Write a 10, 000 word essay on the effect of Sartre on the existential movement
in Macedonia in the 1980's
.Had you going, didn't I? Here are the real rules, lovingly copied and pasted right off of Swampy's blog.
Here's how the Intelligent MeMe works:
1) Link to the person who tagged you and notify him/her that your MeMe post is up and running.
2) Once you create your Multiple Intelligent MeMe, tag any number of people who won't reach through your computer screen and choke you because you tagged them.
4) Alert them to the fact they have been tagged by any means possible. Smoke signals are an acceptable way to do this. Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand.
5) Threaten them with marshmallow stonings and wet noodle beatings if they don't post the Intelligent MeMe within one week.
5) Post the rules and then do what you darn well please. Works for me.
RULES: (Made to be broken... or at least bent.)
A. List the 8 Multiple Intelligences:
1. Visual-Spatial2. Verbal-Linguistic3. Musical-Rhythmical4. Bodily-Kinesthetic5. Interpersonal6. Intrapersonal7. Naturalistic8. Logical-Mathematical
B. Here's where your creativity will shine through:
Post "something" that corresponds with each of the above. "Something" can be a quote, a picture, a drawing, a story, a song, a book, an anecdote... whatever corresponds with each intelligence.
So these 8 Multiple Intelligences are a creation of Dr. Howard Gardner's wild imagination. We will humor Swampy and pretend that we buy into these alternative learning styles. (-:

So here I go: My rules state that you have to find which category your kids best fit in.

1. Visual-Spatial

Here are my Visual Spacial kids. Molly and Lucy are all about art. Molly says shae wants to be an artist when she grows up. She won two Blue Ribbons at the county fair in kindergarten for her art. Lucy's hobbies all revolving around art. She paints, knits, decorates and re-decorates her room. ANd she scrapbooks. Here are the two of them at Scrapbooking Club.

2. Verbal-Linguistic

Ella, all the way. Here she is reading Agathe Christie's The Body in the Library. And most of you read her Mother's Day poem to me. And then there is the way she talks. and talks. and talks. All stories start with the Creation and end with the Ressurection and every detail in between. Run if you here these words, "Can I tell you about the book I am reading?" Run. Or for fun I like to say, "Yes, Tell me in three sentences." Her head spins and steam comes out her ears!

3. Musical-Rhythmical
This is William. He is so gifted musically. Actually, he is just gifted! And turning 16 in 19 days! And about to finish his Eagle project. Oh, back to music... He can play the trumpet and the French horn and the piano. He sang a solo in our church Christmas program a few years ago in Latin. He is great. Now, let me explain. I said he can play these things. But he won't. I'm a so sad mom! He plays the drums in Rock band. And the Guitar in Guitar Hero. Whoopie. Okay, Rock Band is really fun. I have a thing going with Jon Bon Jovi. We are both wanted Dead or Alive. And we are both from New Jersey.
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic

Rachel is always thinking of some new thing to act out. She initiates the snow dance avery night that there is even the slightest chance it may snow. She also dresses up and performs plays.

5. Interpersonal
I have decided that ALL of the kids need to be here. Since there are 6 of them they need these skills, so we are going to work on strenthening our Interpersonal skills.

But my favorite politition is Mitt Romney. And I also like Ron Paul But they are not in our family, so they don't really get to play here in this game. Cause I changed the rules. HA

6. Intrapersonal

This would be both Lucy and Rachel. They are avid journal keepers. They organize and follow through. I could go on and on, but I am tired!


Hello! This has got to be Molly and her 2 million sea shells. And cats. And rocks. And little fossils from the school playground. And the Geode she had to buy at the Frist Center.

8. Logical-Mathmatical

The obvious person here is my husband. But I have put Harrison here also. Harrison was really more spread out than most of the kids across several of these areas, so I decided to try and find the one where he is most comfortable. Harrison is all about order, repetion and stability. Don't change the plan around Harrison. Trust me, not worth it! He is so reliable and does a wonderful job just as long as order is maintained. If things get chaotic though, he is out of there!

And then there is this guy. Mr Amortize. He has a bachelors in math and nothing makes him happier than an afternoon with a scientific calculator and some graph paper. And some hockey skates?

I cannot bear to tag anyone this time, since I just sent one out. And I have another one to do. (I will get to it this weekend hopefully, Katie)


swampy said...

OH, I'm so glad I'm first.
Congratulations !
This was AWESOME ! I loved how you incorporated all your kiddos and hubby into the "categories."
See, everything we do or say, fits somewhere in the MI scheme of things?
It's a much easier MeMe than appears at first. And look at all that interaction.
Your intro made me laugh...first thing in the morning. That's a good thing.
You are a great sport to have followed-through with this.
Thank You,
The 'Ole Witch.
**insert cackle here**

swampy said...

..and no, that wasn't me flying over your house...had it been me, I would have dumped lots of love dust on you.

Sandy said...

Terrific job, Cynthia. I didn't look at anyone else's before I posted mine so I couldn't hit myself in the forehead and go, "duh!". Using your kids was absolutely perfect.

This really was fun so, since you are indirectly the reason we got to do it, thank you.

Chrys said...

This was awesome Cynthia, and what a huge sigh of relief when I read you weren't tagging me! I wish I had read the end first, I would have enjoyed the post more. I was holding my breath the entire time.

hulagirlatheart said...

I love the idea of using your kids. They look like a fabulous bunch. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Drop in any time.