Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

******edit***** I forgot to put a link back to our hostess, Julie at AnotherChanceRanch. (say that fast 5 times!) After reading mine you can go and see what everyone else is thankful for!

I wasn't going to jump on this theme, this week. But when I came home from church last night I discovered the most remarkable thing.

The dinner dishes were done. The food was put away. The table was clear.

The teenagers were with me at church. Just my husband and the little girls were home. It wasn't the little girls, they do not have dishwasher loading skills. (they have great unloading skills, though!)

Who could it be? I could here my husband talking down the hall. I rushed down there.

"Did you do it?"

Nervous look. "What?"

My son rushed into the kitchen since I had just come from there. "What did Dad do?"

"The dishes. Did you do the dishes?"

Big smile, "YES!"


A little back round here. Do not think for one minute that my husband does not contribute to our care. He does. But we have a very happy agreement. He works for an income and I work in the house. I am very happy with this agreement. I do not want to go to work outside the house. My husband is also a guy that is always working. He works from an office in our house as a real estate appraiser. He also buys and rehabs houses to sell and rent. He doesn't sit down and watch TV, we don't even have broadcast TV. He will joke that he has caught an INNING or two of FOOTBALL. (i.e. he does not follow any kind of sport, other than our kids, and he never misses one of their games) He just isn't a guy who cleans the kitchen. I would have expected him to either play with the girls or work while I was gone.

Instead he did something for me! I know he had stuff he could have worked on. Most mornings he gets up with William and me at 5:40 and goes straight into the office and starts working. while I get William's breakfast and take him to early morning seminary (classes for high school age students at our church.)

I am so thankful for an awesome husband!!! Oh, I don't want to forget to mention that on Monday night he brought pudding and caffeine free Dr. Pepper home for me as a special treat. He knows me so well.

Here he is with Ella and Molly hanging on him in the pool on Christmas. And, no, I did not get in the pool. I think water is kind of yucky!


gretchen said...

I am so so impressed with you A. What a great honey he is. I love how thoughtful that was and it wan't even your birthday. Wow.I am so glad you posted that.
I forgot to tell you too when you gave me the idea to clean the boys room it really worked. Service does wonders for people when they really don' t NEED anything else.
thanks for always sharing your great life. I love it and I am glad I get to be apart of it.

Lil Mouse said...

are your kids at home? cause, like you wouldnt expect a day care worker to clean your house would you? if you're at home with kids all day, you deserve help. those fancy pants rich people that have it made?!? their NANNIES dont do housework! their maids do! he oughta be helping out some. sure you can give him a thumbs up.. but really.. unless he is working 24-7, you ought to get as much time 'off' as he does. ask him to do them again tomorrow night and see how it goes! he he!

Chrys said...

How nice! He was thinking of you. He knew he didn't HAVE to do it but he did it because he WANTED to. what a good hubby. Remember to pay it forward. Keep his RKA going. (random kind acts) We do these occassionally too.

Linda said...

Yeah, sometimes I have to watch that accusatory tone, and hide my surprise when my hubs does stuff. It's a beautiful thing when it happens though!

By the way, I've tagged you for a meme....

Heather said...

How nice! What a good hubby :)

Alison said...

What a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do!!! Great post!!

Tera said...

I love those little surprises best of all!!

haley said...

I was thinking of you while I was writing that post...It is nice to know I am in good company!