Friday, January 18, 2008

Apron Making Fool!


How cool is this. I just signed up for an Apron Swap! Just head on over to this lovely site. A girl named Lucy will be our swapping host. She must be great with such a great name, don't you agree?

Here are teh details, copied and pasted from her site:

After a year of blogging free apron tutorials, I am now ready to move onto new aproning activities in 2008. This year I would like to host 4 seasonal apron swaps. So I am now soliciting apron makers and wearers from around to globe to participate in these swaps.

Here's what I propose for the swaps... I am breaking the swaps up into 4 swaps.The first swap will occur from January to March, the second from April to June, the third from July to September, and the last from October to December.Since the first swap ends in March, I am proposing a spring swap.You will create an adult sized apron with springtime theme. That can incorporate the color, the design, whatever. It just needs to speak SPRING, use your imagination.You can design your own or use a loved pattern. If you cannot sew but want to participate you may purchase an apron but it MUST be a Hand-Made apron. If sewing your apron, please pre-wash all your fabrics before making your apron. This will ensure that there is no bleeding or shrinking of fabrics when the new owner launders it.


rachel said...

but you dont even like to sew!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Looks like fun, but apparently unlike someone else here,I know I don't want to sew...I may add a link to my blog because there are some people that read mine that are amazinlgy crafty. I do not happen to be one of these people.

Whenever someone adds a comment to my blog I add them to my list so that I can continue to read them. i hope that's ok. If not, I am sure you will let me know.